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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, April 27, 2003, pg. 11

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The AHS class of 1903 had 26 members. Twelve were boys, and 14 were girls. Class valedictorian was Floy A. Borner, and the class motto was ďAmbition Knows No Rest.Ē During their senior year there was a smallpox scare in early 1903, and all students in the Albion Public Schools had to be vaccinated against the dreaded disease.

Most members of the class of 1903 had been born in 1885, and were deceased by the 1960s. In 1908 there was an alumni manual published by the Albion Public Schools listing members of the class, their location and occupation at the time, and a womanís married name. It is this particular listing we are reproducing here.

Out of twenty-five students, only nine were living in Albion five years after graduation. Unfortunately, we donít have a class photograph of the group; perhaps our readers might supply us with one we can print. So in lieu of that, from our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of one of its members, Effie A. Benham (1885-1973) of 109 W. Walnut St. She was the daughter of South Albion farmer Arunah (1852-1895) and Elizabeth (1858-1929) (Lauer) Benham. Effie was married to Arthur C. Yaudes (1883-1948). There are still descendants living across Southern Michigan today.

John Percival Abbott, student medical college in Detroit; Floyd Llellyn Beman, teacher at commercial college in Grand Rapids; Effie Benham (Mrs. Arthur Yaudes), Homer; Mattie Laura Cuatt (Mrs. Asa Hicks), Devereaux; Floy Borner, teacher, Manistique; Joe Merrit Ellerby, Albion; Harry Ostram Ellerby, Albion; Mark Harold Fall, chemist, Cement City; Clarence Glenwood Gardner, shop, Kalamazoo; Edna Vivian Garnhardt (Mrs. Howard Rogers), Detroit; Aldie Ross Greene, student Albion College, Albion; Helen Nancy Hough, Columbus, Ohio; Glen Jackson Howell, electrical engineer, Chicago; Clarence Kratz, Lansing; Paul Lowry, Methodist minister; Leon Preston Long; Pearl Josephine Maveety (Mrs. Albert Carpenter), Edwardsburg; Bessie McCormick, student Normal College, Ypsilanti; Lottie Hazel Overy, stenographer, Albion; Franc Peppard Pattison, Ann Arbor; Minnie Elizabeth Reed (Mrs. F. E. Whitelam), Fort Wayne, Indiana; Leila Henriettta Schneider, Albion; Caroline Stankrauff (Mrs. Ferdinand Bealer); Arba Fern Warner (Mrs. Glenn Howell), Chicago; Harold B. Weeks, Parke Davis & Co., Detroit; and Ada Margaret White (Mrs. Clarence Yorkey), Albion.

How many of our readers remember any of the persons from the Albion High School Class of 1903? The list of graduates from the Albion High School classes 1878 to 1908 is presented utilizing the aformentioned format in my book, ďA History of the Albion Public Schools,Ē published in 1991. This format is great for genealogists. Subsequent class listings from 1909 to 1991 are reproduced directly from the graduation ceremony programs. Copies of my book are still available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce, or from yours truly. Anyone whose ancestors went to the Albion Public Schools should obtain a copy of this book. E-mail me at: albionfp@hotmail.com for more information.

Effie A. Benham (1885-1973)


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