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Morning Star, March 7, 2004, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending March 3, 1904. “City Council Proceedings. The City Treasurer submitted a report showing that certain taxes were improperly assessed. Alderman Emmons moved that the report be accepted, adopted and the taxes mentioned in said report ordered remitted.”

“More About Hardy Case. The renewed efforts this winter for the pardon of George Hardy, under life imprisonment sentence in Jackson for the murder of Mrs. Leonard, near Duck Lake, has again brought up several facts regarding the trial 26 years ago, which go to show that Hardy was hardly given a fair chance for defense at that time. The Hardy’s at the time were in almost destitute condition, the large family of children being ill with typhoid fever, and they had no money to engage legal council. The attorney was appointed by the judge at the expense of the county, but this was not done until the case came up into court, and the time allowed the defendant for counsel was therefore altogether too brief for justice to his side.”

Week ending March 10, 1904: “Once Albion’s President. Rev. John McEldowney, who died Sunday morning in Detroit...was well known to a number of the old residents of Albion, he having formerly been a professor in Albion College and at one time acting president. His administrative powers as well as teaching ability were such that when President J.L.G. McKown, during the winter of 1870, was given a leave of absence from which it was expected he would not return, Dr. McEldowney was selected as acting president, and thus continued until President Silber was elected the following June.”

“The premises of Stanton Howard on the Concord road near the city limits have been quarantined as a prevention against possible cases of smallpox in his family.”

Week ending March 24, 1904. “Bullen’s Opening. The opening to the public of Bullen’s new store at the corner of Superior and Erie streets Monday night was a great occasion not only in a social way, but also as indicating an important landmark in the commercial progress of the city...Still at the opening hour of 7:30 there was as great a crush about the door as if an exhibition of most unusual interest was to be open...Mr. Bullen regrets that the souvenirs for the ladies were exhausted so quickly in the evening--the 400 carnations were gone in about four minutes it seemed...Many wondered how such a complete transformation could have been made in the Brockway Block since Mr. Bullen began the work the first of the year. Of the store itself which for up-to-date conveniences and latest improvements can be said to be surpassed by none outside of our largest cities, it may be well to mention that the clear inside floor space on each of the four floors, basement to third story, is 115 x 45 feet. The front show windows are a foot longer than any in Detroit.”

“The case of Bart Romans, charged with cruelty to animals, having left his horse hitched upon main street for more than four hours limit, as provided by the city ordinance, was called before Justice Lane Monday. After some discussion the defendant changed his former plea of not guilty to guilty, and was given a fine and costs aggregating $12.85, which he paid.”

“City Council Proceedings. The meeting closed with the opening of the sealed bids for the construction of city cement sidewalks during the season of 1904. The bids were received as follows, per square foot: Lohrke Brothers 10˘; S. S. Brown 9˝˘; Orin Lamont 8˘; George E. Dean 10˘; August and Wilhelm Arndt 10˘; and James C. Eslow 9.47˘.”

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