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Morning Star, April 4, 2004, pg. 9

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending April 14, 1904: “Gun Shoot Held. The first shoot of the season for the Albion Gun Club was held at the fair grounds Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Nellie Bennett of Denver, Col., a lady champion shot, who travels for the U.M.C. Co. was present and participated in the events. The scores. First event, 25 birds: Mrs. Bennett, 18; Charles Bliss, 17; E. C. Gale, 16; Will Robinson, 13; Bob Clack, 12.”

Week ending April 18, 1904: “Abandonment case. Lawrence Streeter was arraigned before Justice Lane this morning on the charge of abandoning a child under 6 years of age. It is alleged that Streeter abandoned his little boy in Behling’s saloon on April 6.” April 20: “A Lansing officer came to this city yesterday for Harold Streeter, the little five year old boy who was left about two weeks ago at the European Hotel by his father, Lawrence Streeter. The latter is now at Marshall awaiting trial next Friday on the charge of abandonment. It appears that the little fellow’s mother also does not wish to care for him, she having separated from her husband, and it is possible that the child will be sent to the home in Coldwater.” April 21: “Mrs. Streeter has now changed her mind in regard to supporting the child and promises to do so if her son is returned to her.” April 28: “The examination of Lawrence Streeter...was held Friday in Justice Lane’s Court. Prosecuting Attorney Hooper appeared for the people. Albert C. Behling of the European Hotel and his wife, Anna Behling, were the witnesses for the prosecution, and their testimony went to substantiate the details already published of the leaving of the child on April 6 with the Behlings.” [More next month]

April 25, 1904: “A petition regarding the regulation of the saloon business of this city was read at the Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches, yesterday morning...The petition, after stating that there has been an alarming increase in the number of saloons in Albion, with detrimental effects, during the past few years, asks the council for stringent regulation and law enforcement.”

April 28, 1904: “An event of unusual interest in the social life of this vicinity was the wedding last evening of Gustav A. Wilke, Jr., and Miss Augusta Ott, both of this city. The ceremony took place at the German Lutheran Church.” “A new fruit and confectionery store was opened in the Fox block Saturday. The proprietor is Sam Daleo, formerly of Detroit, and his clerk is Joe Napolitano.” “R.E. Schumacher has broken ground for a residence upon the lot on Austin Avenue which he purchased [204 Austin Avenue] recently from Monfort D. Weeks.”

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