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Albion 100 Years Ago - SEPTEMBER 1904

Morning Star, August 29, 2004, pg. 8

On this Labor Day weekend, we know that many of our readers will be having cook-outs and barbeques. Back in the early 1960s there was an “official” barbeque place just outside of Albion that catered to hungry customers that exited off the new Interstate-94 for a bite to eat. It was called “The Bar-B-Q-House” and was operated by Carey White. It was located at 27787 C Drive North where the exit and entrances were located north of the highway west of 28 Mile Road. In today’s terms, it was to the left (west) of the Albion Beer Well Mobile gas station. It was only in operation for a few years, but many people remember that this building remained for quite a while until it was demolished. From our Historical Notebook this week in honor of Labor Day we present a photograph from the early 1960s of the Bar-B-Q-House. How many of our readers remember this? Notice the Royal Crown Cola machine on the left. Happy Labor Day everyone!

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending September 1, 1904: “Robert L. Staples, the Shoe Man, moves into his new house. Yesterday, through the courtesy of Mrs. Robert L. Staples, we were shown the interior beauties of their new dwelling house on S. Superior St. In our opinion it ranks among the very finest in Albion. Contractor W. L. Garland commenced work about the middle of last April and Mr. Staples is moving in this week. The woodwork down stairs is golden oak and the colonial pillars between the reception hall and living room in this oak certainly add a beauty to the first impression one gets on entering the house.”

“At the council meeting Monday the milk dealers were represented by the creamery people who mildly protested on the double tax being imposed on their milk. It seems by the ordinance the dealers hauling their milk were also taxed. This made a double expense which is thought unjust. The council will take measures to rectify this ordinance.”

Week ending September 8, 1904: “As a result of a raid made by City Marshal Mallory and night watchmen Stoddard and Eggleston, Monday evening, warrants were served yesterday on Harris & Green the proprietors of the European Hotel bar, charging them with violating the liquor law by selling on Labor Day. The defendants were arraigned and examination was set for yesterday before Justice McCutcheon, but as neither Prosecuting Attorney Hooper nor his assistant returned to Albion as expected adjournment was taken for one week. The absence of the prosecuting attorney also made it necessary to adjourn for one week the trial of Silas Babcock charged with the larceny last month of a pair of $4.00 shoes from Earl VanSickle.”

Week ending September 15, 1904: W. J. McKone, superintendent of schools, has published a textbook on Michigan State and Local Government which covers a long felt want in school circles. The Hammond Publishing Company have the sale of the books.”

Week ending September 29, 1904: [Headlines] “Murder Near Duck Lake. William Mitchell Shoots Henry Devonshire and kills him instantly. He gives himself up at Springport and is now in the County Jail in this city [Marshall]. Inquest to be held Thursday morning. Clarence Township, in the vicinity of Duck Lake, was the scene of a murder Sunday afternoon. Henry Devonshire losing his life at the hands of John Mitchell. Mr. Devonshire lived on a farm owned by Mrs. Mitchell. They have had some trouble over crop division. The farm was sold last week and Mitchell was anxious to get Devonshire off the place [Note: this was a very sensational story that was carried extensively in area newspapers for several months thereafter as the investigation and trial commenced].”

“The old Arthur pond on the farm owned by W. H. Hartwell, 927 N. Eaton St. which as been the skating place of Albion for the past 20 years has been drained by John Kinsey by drilling a five inch well.”

The Bar-B-Q-House, in the early 1960s


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