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Morning Star, May 1, 2005, pg. 8

Coming up on Sunday, May 15 at 2:30 p.m. is a public ceremony in celebration of a new tombstone that has been erected for Dr. Isaac Grant (1759-1841), one of two Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Riverside Cemetery. This marker was installed April 11 by the Austin Blair Camp #7 of the Sons of the Union Veterans of Jackson, which also repaired the original one that had been cracked in half. The event will take place at the gravesite, located in the “Old Grounds” at the Cemetery and will be conducted by the Hannah Tracy Grant chapter (Albion) of the Daughters of the American Revolution. For more information, contact Ann Noller of Homer at: (517) 568-3895. This ceremony will be reminiscent of one that took place 99 years ago, on June 16, 1906, when the DAR also dedicated a marker at the gravesite, which is still there today.

We wrote about Dr. Grant in the January 21, 2001 edition of this column. The area around the Grant family lot has been re-landscaped, with sunken areas filled and grass seed planted. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of Dr. Grant’s gravesite. On the left is the new stone, which is inscribed, “Isaac Grant, Pvt. Conn State Troops Rev. War 1759 1841.” The original tombstone and markers are on the right.

Tombstone of Dr. Isaac Grant (1759-1841)

We continue with our theme of Albion, 100 Years Ago. Week ending May 4, 1905: “W.J. Morse, whose clothing store is over the River, has a novel scheme of hooking fish. He drops a hook down beside an unwary fish and simply lifts it out of the River. It is a great sport but the returns are small. He caught one large fish weighing eight ounces, the other morning.” “Augustus J. Gale is planning on selling his home on Superior St. and going to California to reside. He is interested in the fruit growing industry in that state.”

Week ending May 17, 1905: “Charles R. Mains was convicted of manslaughter in Ketchikan, Alaska, Thursday, May 4 for the murder of William Bette, and sentenced to 12 years in the penitentiary for his crime...It will be remembered that Mr. Mains, was connected with a marble company at Ketchikan, and was deposed as manager. When another man went to take his place, he had trouble with Mains, who shot and killed him. Mains claimed that he shot in self-defense. C.R. Mains is well known in Albion and Homer.”

May 18, 1905: “The ordination exercises of Rev. T. Dewitt Tanner will occur Tuesday, May 23. The invitations were issued because of the limited seating room in St. James Church.” “One of the greatest revivals of the history of Tekonsha is now in progress. Some of the most confirmed drunkards of the town have forsaken their cups and are now enthusiastic church workers. At least 90 conversions have been made up to Sunday morning.”


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