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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, July 3, 2005, pg. 2

We are fortunate to be able to have our own fireworks in Albion, especially along the scenic banks of the Kalamazoo River millpond by Riverside Cemetery and Barnes Park. Be sure and support our local events this holiday weekend, and enjoy the fireworks Sunday evening with your fellow Albionites. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph circa 1910, showing what is now M-99 by the Cemetery looking south, when the road was still unpaved. Notice the wooden fence on the far left which once graced the border of the cemetery. The millpond is on the right.

The Old Gravel Road by Riverside Cemetery, now M99

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 6, 1905: “Electric Road to Duck Lake. Today an official of the Jackson & Battle Creek Traction Co. said ‘Next year we hope to be able to run cars direct to Duck Lake, over our own road. This will make Duck Lake one of the most popular inland resorts in this section of the state. The old Toledo & N.W. road bed will probably be used, and as this runs on to within four miles of Charlotte, the road will undoubtedly run on through.”

Week ending July 13, 1905: “Albion needs factories of any kind and yet a factory that would employ about fifty or sixty girls would be of more value to the city than any other. Albion has lost many first class mechanics because there is no such institution here. When a man has a large family of girls and it is a necessity that all do their share toward the family support Albion does not offer him much inducement.”

“Ezra Robertson, who has been the proprietor of a meat market in this city for 17 years, has sold his business to the Howard Meat Co., George Howard senior member, having been in the meat business in Albion for 30 years. Mr. Robertson, while a young lad in New York state, decided that he would like to be a surveyor. He attended Cornell University and learned the use of the compass, theodolite, spirit level, tripod and other instruments employed by civil engineers and in 1872 he was graduated. He followed surveying for many years and hundreds of houses and many business blocks in this city were erected according to his measurements. Seventeen years ago he thought he would go into the meat business.”

“The city officers are relieved over the fact that some unknown person decided to kill the dog owned by John Burnham, who lives near the Gale Works. The dog was killed Monday night and dog catcher Hoyt gladly removed the remains the next morning. This dog had a very bad reputation and was considered dangerous by the neighbors.”

Week ending July 20, 1905. “At a Sunday dinner in a boarding house not far away, a young gentleman boarder was asked by the landlady to say grace. He had never done so before, so all were astonished when he bowed his head and said: ‘Hebrews 13th chapter and 8th verse. Amen.’ After dinner they all made a frantic rush for the bible in the parlor, and it is safe to say the young man is boarding elsewhere.”

“Stag Party.” About 20 men assembled at the home of George E. Dean, 317 E. Porter St. last evening, at the invitation of George E. Dean and George P. Griffin. Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Griffin have been out of town for some time, and their hosts of the party said in their invitations, ‘We are lonely.’ The guests assembled at 6 o’clock, took off their coats, as per placard instructions, and proceeded to drive away the loneliness.”


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