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Morning Star, December 4, 2005, Pg. 6

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We continue with our theme of “Albion-100 Years Ago.” Week ending December 7, 1905: “Frozen Man a Mystery. The identity of the frozen man who was found in the haymow of an old unused barn on the Henry Howard farm, Tuesday, is still a mystery. The body was taken to the Roudenbush’s undertaking rooms and this morning removed to the vault.”

“Springport was shocked at noon Monday by a terrific explosion. The carbon gas plant belonging to Ed Wellington exploded, blowing out both ends of the building. The effective work of the fire department saved the town from being wiped off the map.”

December 21, 1905: “Marshall area. Miss Ella Felter, the Carverville school ma’am, against whom Ed Twa of Lee, made complaint Thursday for cruelly punishing his twin sons was in the city Saturday morning, with Messrs. Frank Long and Jay Carver, members of the school board, and a lengthy discussion was held. After hearing both sides of the matter and a careful investigation of all the circumstances surrounding the affair, the officers were convinced that there were no grounds for prosecution, and the case was dismissed. Miss Felter brought along the whip she used on the boys but as it was merely the upper part of the stalk it seems highly improbable that it was capable of inflicting any such injuries as the father alleges.”

“Mortuary. Amos W. Mingo, born in 1845 in Long Island, NY, and died at his home in W. Cass St. December 17, 1905. Amos Mingo has lived for many years in Albion and has in recent years done hauling and other work for a large lot of patrons. He was a hard working man. He came of Indian parentage and leaves one sister, Mrs. Wood of Jackson and a brother, John, who lives in Albion.”

“C.S. Tucker’s fine Irish bull dog William Pitt, was poisoned last Monday with arsenic, and died that evening. The poison was fed to the dog in meat by some unknown person. William Pitt was a faultless bred dog, with the best kind of a record, and was valued at $500.”

“Springport. Serious Accident. The Man Mangling Corn Shredder Claims Another Victim. The ever treacherous corn shredder claimed another victim Tuesday morning when Fred Wellington had his left arm cut off just below the elbow. Mr. Wellington and son own and operate a machine and were shredding corn for George Wellington. The machine became clogged and Fred who was feeding, stuck his hand in to dislocate the obstacle but kept his hand in what he supposed was a safe place, but in some way it was caught and before the machine could be stopped it hand mangled his hand and cut his arm off as clean as though it had been done with a huge knife.”


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