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Morning Star, January 1, 2006, pg. 11

A very Happy New Year to the readers of this column!

We continue with our theme “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week of January 4, 1906. “Mr. and Mrs. William & Savira (Elliott) Davis ushered in the new year by the celebration of their 50th year of their wedded life at their residence. Mr. Davis was born in Bangor, Franklin County, NY March 20, 1830, and came to Michigan with his parents, arriving in Albion December 2, 1836. Albion then consisted of two or three houses and the family had to go to Marengo to do their trading on account of there being no stores in Albion at that time.”

“Mr. August Baader has bought out his partner, Mr. August Wochholz. Mr. Baader will continue to make the same popular brands of cigars as were made by the old firm. Mr. Baader is an old experienced man in the cigar business. On or about the 1st of February Mr. Baader will move his shop over John Wochholz’ place of business, 309 S. Superior St. where he will conduct the business under the name of A.J. Baader & Co.”

“During the past year commencing January 1, 1905, there were just 87 burials in Riverside Cemetery. Of these, 42 deaths occurred in Albion. There are two Negroes and one Indian on the list.”

Week of January 18, 1906: “Child Burns to Death. The many friends of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sykes now of Charlotte, but formerly of Albion, were shocked by the news of the death by burning of their only child, Roselyn, age 2 years and 9 months, Monday. Mr. Sykes is a graduate of Albion College and is an Albion boy. His wife was Joanna Callahan and was born on the Callahan farm near Albion. Mr. Sykes has run the Commercial Hotel two different times.”

“Arrested Mother & Son. Deputy Marshal Henry Hayden, of Jackson, brought to Detroit from Albion Monday afternoon two prisoners charged with using the U.S. mail for fraudulent purposes. They are: Clarence G. Gardner and Mrs. Nettie M. Gardner, his mother. Their arrest was the result of an advertisement a copy of which is the following: “Ladies--Earn $10 weekly copying letters at home. Address envelope for particulars. National Distributing Co, Albion, Mich.” It was the contention of the government that each applicant was required to send a dollar for which she got in return a package of face powder, 25 sheets of blank paper, and the form of a letter to copy, all of the aggregate value of 15 cents. The applicant never received any pay for copying, though she was promised a rate of $20 a thousand.”

“The Breeze” is the name of a new paper edited by the senior class of the High School. It will be published every two weeks and if the editors keep it up to the standard of the first number, it should become very popular.”

January 24, 1906: “Obituary. Frederick C. Pahl. Born November 29, 1835 in Germany, and died January 24, 1906 at his home 347 S. Hannah St. Mr. Pahl was 70 years old and has always enjoyed fair health. This morning while starting the fire he dropped dead. Mr. Pahl and his wife came from Germany to Albion in 1866 and for many years he worked as a teamster.”

January 25, 1906: “McGuire Brothers have rented the two rooms just east of the Recorder office and all of the upstairs rooms in the Wright Block [NOTE: on W. Porter St., south side]. They will move their saloon and restaurant to these rooms about May 1st.”

From our Historical Notebook this week we present photographs of aluminum “Good for 5¢ in Trade” tokens that were issued by the three saloons in Albion that were mentioned in this week’s column: Wochholz & Baader, McGuire Brothers, and the Commercial Hotel. I am always looking for Albion tokens like these. Do you have any? How many of our readers remember Albion merchants used tokens in their establishments?

McGuire Brothers 5¢ in Trade Token

Wochholz & Baader 5¢ in Trade Token

Commercial Hotel 5¢ in Trade Token


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