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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY, 1906

Morning Star, July 2, 2006, pg. 5

We continue with our theme of “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 5, 1906: Headline: “Excuses Catholics. Need Not Attend Protestant Chapel at Jackson Prison. Order of Warden Armstrong. Convinced Prisoners are Entitled to Have Their Own Religious Beliefs.”

“Class of 1900 Holds Reunion. First class Reunion of School. Twenty-four members attended the only class reunion ever held by an Albion High School Class. The class reunion of the “Naughty Aughts” met at Montcalm Lake, Thursday, June 28, 1906.”

“Guilty of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than the crime of murder was the verdict of the jury in the case of Sylvanus Soules, charged with the attempted murder of his wife. Judge North immediately sentenced him to 5 to 10 years at Jackson. Soules and his wife were playmates when children. She says she still loves him and that he loves her. Mrs. Soules says she will take the case of her husband before the pardon board. Soules goes to Jackson today.”

Week ending July 12, 1906. “Smoking Among Boys Censured. Women’s Christian Temperance Union Ladies Discuss the Evil Among the Boys. Smokers on Electric Cars. Mothers should be alert to know whether their boys are picking cigar stubs from gutters, or are learning to smoke cigarettes on the sly.”

“Injunction was ordered dissolved. The injunction which Harry B. Parker and four other citizens caused to be issued restraining the school board from proceeding with the erection of the proposed addition of the Central School building, was dissolved Monday at noon. Work on the new building will probably proceed at once, as the materials have been ordered and the contractors ready for some time.”

“Sea Serpent at Duck Lake. Seen This Week by Two Well Known Fishermen. Affidavit is not furnished. However, No one acquainted with Shed Holland or William Anderson will doubt their word. The fact that Duck Lake has a real serpent of considerable size is become accepted as gospel. It has been seen by several different people this summer and all differ in their description of the monster. The latest news of the serpent comes from Chad Holland and William Anderson, Thursday evening as they were returning to their cottages from a successful fishing trip. They were attracted by a great splashing of water at the south end of the lake. They hastened to the spot and were just in time to see the serpent beat a hasty retreat to the center of the lake.”

Week ending July 19, 1906: “Dog Warden Frank Hoyt shot and killed Molly Chatfield’s dog Friday, much against the wishes of Molly Chatfield, but quite in accordance with the ideas of Mr. William Porr, whose child was bitten by the dog.” “W.B. Clark and Otto Stecker will open a pool and billiard parlor, and restaurant, in the place recently vacated by McGuire Brothers in the Howard Block.”

Week ending July 26, 1906: “The case of the City of Albion vs. Boldt Brothers was decided in the Supreme Court Monday against the City. This probably means a loss of $4,500 to the city, as nine saloons paid the extra $500 under protest, pending the decision of the Supreme Court. The case has dragged through more than a year.

Week ending July 31, 1906: “Miss Eslow Shot at Duck Lake.” Miss Hazel Eslow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eslow, was shot in the face Monday, at Duck Lake, where she is visiting at the Jacob’s cottage. The accident occurred about 7:30 p.m. at the dock just back of McGuire’s cottage, which Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Morse are occupying. Miss Eslow was sitting in a boat at the landing, when Lyle Eastman, 8 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. O.V. Eastman, fired a shot, from the back porch of the McGuire cottage. The boy had picked up a 22 caliber repeating rifle belonging to W.J. Morse, and being unobserved, was playing with it on the porch. Just how the accident occurred is unknown, as the lad was too frightened to know just how it happened. The bullets struck Miss Eslow on the left side of her nose, coming out back of the palate, and as no further trace of it could be found, it is supposed Miss Eslow swallowed it.”

“Patrick H. Taffee, a well known and highly respected resident of Eckford Township, died at 10 o’clock Saturday morning of paralysis.” “Saturday, July 21, was Martin Haven’s 83rd birthday. Mr. Haven has been in and near Albion since 1851, living on the Hartung farm, which he has developed for 40 years.”


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