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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - AUGUST, 1906

Morning Star, August 6, 2006, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending August 2, 1906. “Peter Mulvany, one of the most prominent men in Calhoun County, died July 31 at his home in Marengo. He was 84 years old. Always a staunch Democrat, he has been on his party ticket for representative several times.”

“The Central School building, which is being partly torn down to make way for a new structure, was found to be in a dangerous condition by the contractors. Mr. Rickman said it never would have stood two years without collapsing, and that there was nothing but the cornice in some places that held it together. A fire a number of years ago burned some of the timbers almost in two, and the brick was crumbling badly. The stairway was altogether unsafe.”

“Joseph Gramer began suit in the circuit court yesterday against Frank C. Stankrauff of Albion, a saloonist, whom he started in business and is in debt to him. He also sued the city to prevent it from paying to Stankrauff the $500 liquor license, which is to be refunded in accordance with the supreme court decision in the case of the City of Albion vs. Boldt Brothers.”

“George Hannahs Passes Away. Founded Albion’s First Bank. Word was received here last night of the death at his home in California of George Hannahs, who was for nearly 40 years one of the leading citizens of South Haven. Mr. Hannahs lived in Albion before going to South Haven, and was at one time quite a property holder here. He and his father started the first bank in Albion, in the site now occupied by the Albion State Bank.

George Hannahs (1823-1906)

[For our newer readers we present these tidbits of information: Hannah St. is named after the family. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of George Hannahs (1823-1906), who served as Albion’s first Village President (1855). Direct descendants of Mr. Hannahs included his great-granddaughter Clara (Cartland) Walkinshaw (1906-1995), wife of the late Battle Creek dentist Dr. L.H. Walkinshaw (1904-1993). There are still descendants in the Lansing area today.]

August 23, 1906: “A Club House for Duck Lake. The Flying Order of Ducks may Erect a Club House at the Lake. If plans are carried through, they will have a home coop of which they may be proud.”

August 30, 1906: “Union Steel Screen Trouble. The case of E.L. Parmeter of Albion vs. Ray F. Agnew of Jackson is on trial. Some of the Albion stockholders object to Agnew’s methods, alleging they didn’t get what they bought in the purchase of $14,000 in stock.”

“Woman Falls and Cuts Wrist.” Tuesday evening as Mrs. Emeline Geiger was getting supper she fell while carrying a large platter and the broken china lacerated her left wrist. The tendons and arteries were cut and only quick work on the part of the family stopped the flow of blood until a doctor could be summoned.”

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