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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, October 29, 2006, pg. 5

A couple of corrections to my book “Growing Up in Albion.” On page 18, top photo, the names of Freeman “Bud” Ivey and Chief Charles Lindstrom are switched. On page 61, bottom photo of the funeral home, the construction year should be 1961, and the date of the first funeral should be August 19, 1961. Special thanks to Jean (Wigner) Miller for supplying us with those corrections.

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending November 1, 1906: “Dedication of Robinson Hall. Impressive Ceremony Given in College Chapel Wednesday. The dedication exercises of Albion College’s fine structure, Robinson Hall, were held Wednesday.”

Week ending November 8, 1906: “The new flowing well in the Market Place is one of the best in the city. A stream filling a three inch pipe flows constantly and the water is cool and of good taste. Weighmaster Bolles can truthfully take all the credit for this fine well as he has taken up subscriptions and in this way secured the well at no expense to the city. A tank will be installed soon and also a pipe for drinking purposes. The well is 70 feet deep and was drilled by Riley Morgan.

“Messrs Wochholz and Gress have rented the store room just south of their present quarters and will occupy it soon. The dividing wall will be cut out and both fronts used. This will give them the largest grocery store in the city.”

Week ending November 22, 1906: “Revive Plan to Build Railroad. The Albion-Charlotte railroad proposition, which has been abandoned for several years, is being revived and prospects for its completion between the towns mentioned and its continuation north are more favorable now than at any time since the work of grading was commenced near Duck Lake five or six years ago.”

“Dr. Dickie Gives Address. Saloon keepers violate law. The address on The Enforcement of the Law given by President Dickie before a union mass meeting Sunday, has stirred up considerable discussion. Some think that the speaker has openly challenged the city officials and that Albion is to have a general house cleaning.”

“Albion High Defeats Marshall. A Fast Snappy Game Played on Winter-Lau Field Friday. No Kicks from Marshall. Albion High School has a football team that can play the game. Their defeat of Marshall Friday, demonstrated this fact clearly to all who saw the game. Outweighed by their opponents at least 10 pounds to a man, they defeated them by fast and clever work. Marshall lacked speed and headwork.”

“On the morning of Friday, the 23rd at ten minutes before five, Martin S. Webster died at his home a mile and a half north of the city on the Duck Lake Road. [NOTE: Today this is the old farmhouse located just north of New Hope Worship Center]. Mr. Webster was recognized by all who knew him, as a man of conspicuous Christian character. Converted in his birthplace, Mendon, NY, at the age of 22 he united with the Baptist church of that place, and soon after was elected to the office of deacon. Upon his removal to Albion in 1868, he at once united with the Baptist church of this city, and soon after was elected again to the office of deacon, which office he held until his death.”


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