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Albion 100 Years Ago - March 1907

Morning Star, March 4, 2007, pg. 14

Coming up next Sunday, March 11 is the “open house” of the Duck Lake area genealogy-history club. People from the tri-county area will be bringing their historical and genealogical “stuff” to display and talk about. There will also be vendors there and area genealogy club representatives. Yours truly has just prepared a new 5-panel area history exhibit and will have it on display for the first time at this event. See it here first. Times are from 1 pm to 5 pm., and admission is free. The location is the Clarence Township Hall. It’ll be worth the drive. I hope to see you there. For more information, contact Larry Randall at: lrand@voyager.net, or call Larry at (517) 857-2387. From our Historical Notebook this week we present an historical item originating from Clarence Township. It is a 1903 dog tax tag. Yes, even dogs in Clarence Township had to pay taxes back then.

Clarence Township Dog Tag 1903

We continue with our theme of “Albion-100 Years Ago.” Week ending March 7, 1907: “Tuesday Mr. Augustus J. Gale who has been a resident in Albion for many years and who has had much to do with the growth and betterment of this city, left for Corning, California. Mr. Gale has had interests in CA or many years and in his trip to that state has fallen in love with the climate. The property is located 85 miles north of Sacramento.”

“Arthur H. Dew, the popular florist, is to erect two large greenhouses on the lots facing his old property on Perry St., and this addition will give him one of the largest plants in Michigan. [Note: Today this is Clark’s Flowers on Perry St.].”

“James McGuire, dubbed the ‘Old Roman of baseball,’ left Monday to join his team: the New York Americans, at Atlanta, GA, where he will start his 24th year as a major league performer.”

Week ending March 14, 1907: “Last week Owen Brownell visited Albion and secured a writ of replevin and seized the household goods which his former wife was using. When she secured her divorce Mrs. Brownell was not given the household goods.”

“All Aboard to Duck Lake. Has a bonifide order been given for 6 fine large cars for use on the new Albion-Charlotte railroad and has some unknown man or party of men purchased $15-$20 thousand dollars worth of steel rails for a proposed railroad scheme?”

“Floyd Loder, a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Loder, who live near Concord, crazed with the idea that he must atone for some imaginary sin with blood, tried to shoot himself this morning at the home of Alderman Hartung. He has been acting queerly for several days and this morning his father was accompanying him to Albion to consult the physicians in regard to his sanity.”

“Frank Nowlin, the hay and grain merchant contemplates moving into new and larger quarters this spring. John Hurly expects to erect a building for him just south of Boldt Brothers on N. Superior St.” “Andrew Emmons, the popular alderman from the 3rd Ward, has opened up a music store in the room next to the Commercial Bank on E. Erie St. Mr. Emmons has had many years experience selling pianos, and ran a music store here from 1888 to 1903.” “The Albion Gas Company has leased the Dalrymple Block store that has been vacant since the removal of the Richter dry goods store. The lease is for 10 years.”

Week ending March 21, 1907: “Councilman Clarence Roy Hartung, age 26, son of the late William J. Hartung and Mrs. Clarissa E. Hartung, died March 20 at his home on Haven St. after an illness of 10 days from measles. Mr. Hartung was selected to represent the 3rd Ward in the City Council two years ago. Although the youngest man on the Council, he filled some of the most important positions.”

“The marriage of C. Owen Brownell, formerly mayor of Albion, to Miss Nettie Elliott, also of this city, is reported to have occurred in Toledo on March 19.”

Week ending March 28, 1907: “The examination for entrance to West Point, which is being conducted by Congressman Gardner at Robinson Hall today, will take up the entire day. The seven candidates include R. Clyde Gildart and Emanuel Ford of Albion.”

“John Shanley, alias Zmeinkenski, or some other impossible Russian name, was arrested Monday by constable Tibbetts, on a warrant charging him with shooting through a house in the Malleable Iron addition. John had evidently been out with the boys as he was wearing his right arm in a sling. Through his interpreter he pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $5 and costs of $6.75. He also implicated two other Russians in the shooting affair.”


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