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Morning Star, April 8, 2007, pg. 2

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The AHS Class of 1907 had 34 members. 25 were young women, and 9 were young men. The class motto was the Latin phrase “Vis Vincit,” meaning “Power Conquers.” Class Valedictorian was Anna M. Headley.

The commencement was held on Thursday, June 13, 1907 at the Methodist Episcopal Church on E. Erie St., as was the custom of those days. Speaker for the event was Congressman Charles E. Townsend of Jackson, who spoke on the topic “Public Duties of the High School Graduate.” The ceremony began with a girls chorus singing “Glorious Sunlight,” under the direction of music instructor Miss Jennie Worthington. Superintendent William J. McKone presented the diplomas.

Several of the graduates subsequently attended Albion College. They were: Gladys Griffin, Amber Hurley, Naomi Lane, Roma Mattison, Sadie Metz, Vera Patterson, Clara Randall, Howard M. Randall, Sherwood Smith, Edwin Torrey, Eunice Wartman, and Warren Williams. Lydia Sloan went to Central Normal College in Mt. Pleasant; Cecil Smith went to Western Normal in Kalamazoo, while Edna Wallace attended Michigan Agricultural College in East Lansing.

Of the graduates, the following became stenographers: Carl Mapes, Grace Mapes, and Charlotte Thompson. Marguerite Furey became a bookkeeper, while Eula Loder worked in the Albion telephone office as did Blanche Hoyt. The following persons were listed as teachers in 1909: Edna Barnes, Ethel Ford, Florence Paul, and Nellie Smith.

Ernest R. Green worked at the Albion Malleable Iron Company, while Edward Reed worked at the Gale Manufacturing Company, both on N. Albion St. Flora Wolcott worked at the Commercial & Savings Bank. The remaining students were: Maude Aldrich, Ellen Guyselman, Anna Headley, Charles Miller, Ethel Murray, and Inez Whisler, the latter of whom moved to Benton Ridge, Ohio.

In looking through the list of names, Charles R. “Middy” Miller (1888-1975) worked at the Albion Post Office for 35 years, and was well known throughout the community. Naomi Lane (1889-1974) of course, served as a Librarian here for many years. Edwin Torrey (1888-1960) grew and sold vegetables in the 1920s, and worked at the Gale. In 1934 he went to Union Steel Products where he worked for 22 years before retiring in 1956. In an interesting sidelight, Howard Main Randall was from Tekonsha, but Tekonsha’s school district only went through the 10th grade at the time. So Howard and others were recruited to play football for Albion High School to finish up their final two years and graduate. They boarded in local residences during the school year.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of the Albion High School Class of 1907. In front they are holding a horn, which had a section added to it each year with the names of the class members. Sort of like the Stanley Cup. We don’t have too many persons identified in this photo. Front row, last person on the right is Edwin Torrey. In the back row, Howard Main Randall of Tekonsha is the third person, while his friend Warren Williams (of Concord) is No. 9. Can you identify any others? How many of our readers are descended from members of the AHS Class of 1907?

Albion High School Class of 1907


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