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Albion 100 Years Ago - June 1907

Morning Star, June 3, 2007, pg. 14

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending June 6, 1907: “Railroad promoter is arrested. George Mindeman, the promoter of the Duck Lake railroad was arrested in Chicago Tuesday Night. Will return to Albion. Another chapter in the Charlotte-Albion railroad story was commenced Tuesday when Deputy Sheriff [Erva] Mallory arrested George Mindeman in Chicago on a charge of stealing diamonds and jewelry of Mrs. George [Sarah] Murdock of this city. Mrs. Murdock missed her jewelry in March soon after she had shown them to Messrs Mindeman and White who were using the Murdock home as headquarters while promoting the Charlotte-Albion railroad.”

[Note: Mindeman was first found guilty of his crime, but the verdict was overturned on a technicality. He was retried in 1909 and found not guilty. Mindeman issued a 29 mm. diameter aluminum token which stated “Geo. Mindeman, Albion, Mich. What is his record, good or bad? I say it is Good!” From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of that token.]

Week ending June 13, 1907. “Bruce Kinmont of Albion, who was convicted of violation of the liquor law, was fined $100 and $100 costs.”

“The 24th annual report of the state bureau of labor and statistics has just been issued. The following is the list of inspections made in Albion, giving the name of the firm, goods manufactured, and the number of people employed were [excerpt including]: Albion Malleable Iron Company, iron, 325 persons; Gale Manufacturing Company, farm tools, 328 persons; Prouty Manufacturing Company, hinges, 57; Cook Manufacturing Company, engines, 20; Albion Recorder, printing; 15.”

Week ending June 20th, 1907: “New Malleable plant open. This week marked the beginning of the occupancy of the new building at the Albion Malleable Iron plant. A number of moulders [Note: that spelling is the way molders used to be spelled] were moved from the hot, stuffy old building onto the light, airy plant almost completed. Mr. Harry B. Parker, vice-president and manager, expects to get all of the men into the new plant in less than a month.”

“Young man suddenly dies. Harry Hoaglin, well known in Albion, died instantly at his home Friday evening. His death is thought to have been caused by a broken blood vessel on his brain. The Hoaglin home is five miles southeast of this city.”

“Last Thursday at 8 o’clock occurred the graduating exercise of the class of 1907 of Albion High School at the M.E. church when 25 young women and 9 young men received their diplomas.” “No cause of action was the decision of Justice Deuel in the case of the Motion Picture Co. vs. the Methodist church for $50 damages in excluding the company from giving an exhibition in the church after the Sunday school superintendent had signed a contract permitting them to use the church.”

“Harry Ellerby, probably the fasted third baseman that has ever played for Albion, is in Tacoma, Washington. He signed with the Tacoma manager of the Pacific Coast league and was turned down without a trial after making the trip to Tacoma. Harry remained in the west, however, and is now supplying on the Tacoma team. He has held down third for two weeks and the fans and newspapers are loud in their praise of his fast work. It is likely that he will be signed as a regular.”

“Dmitruk Jendrochin, made a complaint on Peter Krebs this morning, charging him with assault and battery. Interpreter Haman was called and the Russian was made to understand that he was fined $1 and costs of $5.05 or 10 days in jail. Krebs will be careful in the future how he tosses his fellow men around.”

George Mindeman Aluminum Token

Reverse side


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