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Albion 100 Years Ago - July 1907

Morning Star, July 1, 2007, pg. 14

I had a picnic lunch the other day at the new rest stop along I-94 by Marshall. At the south side “truckers” front entrance to the building there is a huge road map of Calhoun County with all the cities labeled, such as: Battle Creek, Marshall, and Adrian. Yes, Adrian. Albion has been eliminated. Produced by MDOT (was it at the Marshall office?) and dated 2007, our town is labeled as Adrian. Go to the rest stop and see for yourself. It reminded me of the early 1990s when the Hardees Restaurant in Albion on E. Michigan Avenue had a big street map of Adrian hanging in its entrance when you entered, placed there by its management. From our Historical Notebook this week we present the map of “Adrian” (named in the lower right) in Calhoun County, as per this official MDOT map at the Marshall rest stop.

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 11, 1907: “Deputy Sheriff Mallory returned Saturday evening from Detroit in company with a Russian Pole, Andrezej Sarnecski. Andre was arrested on a warrant sworn to by Mary Myers, another Russian Pole [Note: Poland was controlled by Russia before World War I]. He was charged with stealing a gold watch valued at $15. It seems that Andre had promised to marry Miss Mary, although the bride to be was some years older. She had set the day and in order to have a fine looking husband had bought him a new suit of clothes and a new hat. As a surprise for her future husband she had bought a gold watch. This she planned to give him as a wedding present. At the last minute Andre lost his nerve and in possession of the new clothes and the gold watch fled for Detroit. When Mary missed her man to be, she swore out a warrant.”

“Jay Sheldon, the 6-year old son of H.H. Sheldon, caught his right foot between the wheel of a buggy and the box yesterday afternoon and so severely injured it that several stitches were necessary.” Albert Gale is employed in Sheldon’s Drug Store afternoons and Saturdays. Mr. Gale expects to go upon the lecture platform again in the fall with his unique entertainment upon the music of Japan.”

“Darwin C. Smith, the landlord of the Commercial Hotel was arrested last Friday charged with selling liquor on Sunday, June 30th. A short time ago a slot machine was taken from the Commercial Hotel and is being held by the officers.” “Rudolph Hoenes, of Eckford, aged 29 years, was bitten by a mad dog Friday morning and he and the dog were sent to the Pasteur Institute at Ann Arbor in the afternoon, where Hoenes will be treated.”

“Two Little Girls Break Left Arms. Daughters of Africa and Italy fall and Break Left Arms. Sunday forenoon while playing on some boxes in the rear of Robert Cascarelli’s store, Marticca Richardson, seven year old daughter of William Richardson, colored, and Sophia, age nine, daughter of Bob Cascarelli, fell and in some way each broke their left arms. The little girls are now running a race to see which can recover first.”

Week ending July 18, 1907: “Assaulted the Russian Interpreter. Tim Smith, a Russian at the Malleable Iron Tried to Run Over the Interpreter. Last Monday at Justice McCutcheon’s court, Tim Smith, alias an unspellable Russian name, appeared in answer to the charge of assaulting Ladisas Hayman, the connecting link between the Russian workmen at the Malleable and the English language. Sunday evening Tim, who was very drunk, was using a number of obscene English words in the presence of some Albion ladies who were driving past the plant. Mr. Hayman corrected him and told him to keep quiet. Instead, the drunken Russian started in to clean up Mr. Hayman. This morning in court...Mr. Hayman said, ‘While this man cannot understand English yet he has picked up the bad words of the language. They always do that.’”

Week ending July 25, 1907: “W.W. Osmun has sold his milk business to Fred Goodell, of Buffalo, NY. The sale includes Osmun’s two wagons and routes. Mr. Osmun has rented his barn and milk house to Mr. Goodell for the time being.

“Cement Sidewalk damaged. Clews left in cement. May lead to arrest of several young people. What is there in a fresh cement walk that arouses the spirit of vandalism in so many people? The latest bit of hoodlumism of the nature occurred last Monday on the six food walk just laid in front of Clayton Granger’s residence on Michigan Avenue. A young man and a girl stepped over the barriers around the walk and left their footprints the entire length of it. A barefoot boy followed suit and added his marks, stopping on the way to embed a marble in the cement. In addition to this, the following initials were scratched on the walk: T.H., V.P.S., P.T. and R.A. These initials furnish quite a clew [note spelling], and City Marshal Clark expects to make some arrests soon. A reward of $10 has been offered for any information leading to the arrest of such offenders.”

“Wicked Marshall. It is a fact that there are many ladies in Marshall who frequently having occasion to be out late at night, are in favor of the saloons being open until 11:00 o’clock.”

The Map of “Adrian” (named in the lower right) in Calhoun County


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