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Morning Star, November 11, 2007, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of “Albion-100 Years Ago.” Week ending November 7, 1907. “Eagle Lodge Plan Benefits. There is a plan on foot in the local Aerie to establish and maintain a bed at the Miss Wade hospital. The idea is to have this bed for the use of members who need hospital treatment and when not in use it can be used by the hospital for other case. The membership of the local Aerie includes a number of single men and some who have not homes here in Albion.”

“Springport Post Office Robbed. Wednesday it was discovered that the post office at Springport had been broken into last night and a quantity of stamps taken. It is not known at what time the theft occurred and the thieves left no tracks behind them which serve as a clue to the officers.”

“Friday, Jim McGuire, the proprietor of Bath Mills, took a Mr. Brusheart of Burlington out to inspect the mill. Mr. Brusheart is contemplating purchasing the mill and if he does will operate it this winter as a feed mill.”

“Mr. Henry Randall and his granddaughter, Mrs. Carrie Ruff, returned Monday to Eckford from a two month’s visit in England. Mrs. Ruff visited the birthplace of her father. Mr. Randall left his native land nearly a half century ago.” “Mrs. A.M. Eddy and son, Bryant, of Kalamazoo, have moved to Los Angeles, CA, where they will reside in the future. Mrs. Eddy was formerly a resident of Albion.”

“Morris Richardson, a young colored boy, who has been more or less a bad boy for the past year, was sent to the Industrial School at Lansing Thursday by Judge Hamm. Morris is 14 years old and will remain at the school until he is 18. It will be remembered that he ran away with a band of gypsies this last summer.”

Week ending November 14, 1907. “Granger & Hoyt, the proprietors of the Snug Restaurant, are making a number of improvements. A hood has been built over their kitchen stove which will keep the odors of the cooking from the room and the show cases and wall shelves are being refurnished and the whole room will be repainted and papered.”

“Another Homer sensation has flattened out. The jury in the case of Henry Rogers vs. Fred Mayer rendered a verdict of no cause for deliberation. Rogers claimed that Mayer won the affections of his wife by his suave manner and a gold watch, and broke up his happy home. But before the trial was over so much scandal and gossip was introduced that the jury took the view that Rogers had not sustained any great amount of damage and passed up the whole unsavory mess, deciding that there was no cause for action.”

Week ending November 28, 1907: “Two Cases Dismissed. Two liquor cases were dismissed in the circuit court Saturday. They were the cases against Mrs. Martha Lutz, housekeeper for Joseph Gramer in this city, and William Leonard, the storekeeper at the Duck Lake Resort in Clarence Township.”


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