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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, December 2, 2007, pg. 11

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We continue with our theme of “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending December 5, 1907: “Hoss Case Holds Interest. Can a man swap horses in these days of law and order? Must a man tell the truth and nothing but the truth in a hoss trade? These and similar questions are being turned over to R. Winegar’s mind since the verdict returned in the Plaggermier vs. Winegar case in Justice McCutcheon’s court Wednesday. The case grew out of a hoss trade between R. Winegar, a farmer who lives near Duck Lake, and Herman Plaggermier, manager of the Model Laundry in this city. Plaggarmeir had a horse which was sound but which because of much work became poor. He wanted a horse with more meat on its bones and when R. Winegar offered to trade a good looking horse for the poor one, Plaggermier readily gave the $25 boot demanded. The next day Plaggermier’s horse developed a bad case of heaves, and he brought suit for damages claiming Winegar had warranted the horse sound.”

“Accidentally Shot by Neighbor. Saturday morning about 9 o’clock, Rudolph Hagerman accidentally shot and killed Charles Nass while hunting on the Ball farm south of the city. Hagerman and the Nass brothers, Charles and Gus, started out early this morning and about 9 o’clock startled a flock of partridge. Hagerman in swinging his gun to his shoulder accidentally pulled the trigger and a full charge of shot entered Charlie Nass’ back, just opposite his heart. Death came within a few seconds. Charles Nass leaves a wife and four children: Ella, Carl, William, and Bertha. He was 38 years of age and for the past 16 years has been a moulder at the Albion Malleable Iron Works. The body was then taken to the Nass home on Crandall St.”

Week ending December 12, 1907: “Judging from the actions of the men who robbed the Springport and Olivet post offices, some of the officers believe that the robbers live right in Lee Township or possibly in Clarance. Both times when these post offices were robbed, the robbers went in the direction of Lee Township in which place they were easily lost track of.”

Week ending December 26, 1907: “George Mitchell, the popular proprietor of Albion’s only Confectionary store, played the part of the true Santa Claus during the Christmas time this year when he struck joy to the hearts of several of the poor families of this vicinity with Christmas packages of his holiday sweets.”

“Will Robinson and Bert Gardner, the well known mail carriers on routes Nos. 5 and 3 in the city, received very acceptable presents Christmas morning when George P. Griffin, who is a patron on their routes, supplied them with sleighs to deliver the last and heaviest of the holiday mails.”


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