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Morning Star, July 6, 2008, pg. 10

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 2, 1908. “Albion--Just Right. Postmaster [Frank] Irwin has been notified by the post office department that all clerks and carriers at the Albion post office will have their annual salaries increased by $100 beginning July 1. Mr. Irwin also secured an additional clerk on account of the increased business in the office.” The annual office payroll after July 1 will be about $15,000 which is a sum worth considering even in a town of large business enterprises like Albion.”

“The examination of Frank Field, colored, charged with aiding prisoners to escape at the county jail, was called Saturday, before Justice McCutcheon.” (July 16, “the prosecutor dismissed the case because of lack of evidence.”) “The assault and battery case which was brought by Gus Radtka against Frank Hoyt was tried before Justice Finch Tuesday afternoon. The jury brought in a verdict of “no cause” for action.”

Week ending July 11, 1908. “The school board met Friday and went on a junketing trip to the different school buildings of the city. The board realized that some repairs and improvements must be made. The most important work accomplished was the election of a principal. The position will be offered to Mr. W.J. Hoover. Mr. Hoover taught four years in the Kalkaska Schools and then he and his wife moved to Albion where Mr. Hoover finished his college course, graduating this year.”

Next week the dog warden will call on the owners of the canine and demand the annual tax. Frank Hoyt is the collector of such revenue and he expects to collect the tax or the dogs.” (July 13). “John Steve, who lives on Mechanic St., felt the iron hand of the law Saturday. He was caught red-handed cutting down a rope swing which was owned by Frank Hoyt....After some consultation he pled guilty. The fine and costs amounted to a trifle over $12 which is rather expensive for eight feet of rope.”

Week ending July 16, 1908: “Mad Dog Scare. Large Dog Bites Several Others. The residents of S. Ionia St. had a genuine mad dog scare this morning, when a large yellow dog, a stranger in the neighborhood, attacked several dogs without seeming provocation.” “A very pretty wedding was solemnized on Wednesday, July 15th at 5 o’clock when Pearl, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. John Miller, was united in marriage to Mr. Ira Chester Denton.”

“A temporary walk is being built from the Cass St. bridge to the north side of the river. This will be used by foot passengers while the big bridge on Superior St. is being rebuilt. The walk will be completed today.” “Mr. George Ismon, brother of the late Henry Ismon, is visiting his brother, Mr. Ned Ismon, North St. Mr. Ismon’s home is in Idaho, and this is the first visit he has made to the scenes of his youth in 26 years.” “Lester Seekell and Clarence Hafford were operated upon at Wade Hospital yesterday. Clarence was suffering with appendicitis, and Lester with a rupture.”

Week ending July 30, 1908: “The marriage of August Pahl and Miss Lena Moss occurred July 22 at the German Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Pahl will live south of Albion.” “A. DeMuth of Albion, proprietor of the creamery was arrested Saturday on complaint of Deputy Factory Inspector Phillips charging him with violation of the state factory laws in failing to equip his boiler with a low water whistle.”


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