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Morning Star, August 3, 2008, pg. 12

Is your Albion High School class having a reunion this summer? How about having one of my books, either “Growing up in Albion” or “A History of the Albion Public Schools” as a door prize?

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending August 6, 1908. “The Commonwealth Power company has donated an electric fan for the Wade Hospital. This proves beyond a doubt that some corporations have a soul.” “The case of Lewis vs. Lewis in which the husband charged the wife, Kate Lewis, with adultery was dismissed Monday. Mr. Lewis failed to appear, having gone west.”

Week ending August 13, 1908. “Dirt Caves in on Boys. A sad accident occurred about 1:30 pm Saturday. Workmen were digging at the Perry Robertson property on W. Erie St. and an overhanging ledge was left. Several boys were playing around the yard and three, Harry Greenman, Roland Greenman, and Floyd Merritt crawled under this ledge. The dirt fell and covered Harry Greenman completely. Harry was not taken out for at least ten minutes and when he was found, life was extinct. Three doctors worked for over an hour on the boy but all efforts to restore him failed.”

“Farmer’s Picnic A Big Day. The Farmer’s Picnic at Albion August 20th promises to be a grand success. Several hundred dollars in prizes will be given to the winners of the many races and stunts. The Albion Creamery Co. will serve ice cream and the dinner and all will be free to our guests.”

“Indian Town Incklings, [as written] by Ah-She-Da-Yah-Son: Jennie Mackey she is awful sick. Pottawatomie Indians they went picking berries toward Battle Creek, on H. Hall marsh. Thomas Wezoo and his family they went Vicksburg picking huckleberries. Mrs. Phoebe Pamp, of Bronson, she is visiting West Indian Town. Jacob Jackson, Jr., and Andrew Mosher, of Bradley, they are visiting here. Indian corn looks nice.”

Week ending August 27, 2008: “The Business College of Albion College under the capable management of Prof. W. R. Pitkin is putting in a lot of improvements. All the old desks have been removed from the commercial room, and replaced by new adjustable desks, the latest thing for business college equipment.”

“At the Free Methodist conference at Ypsilanti, the report of the committee on reform declared against Sunday desecration by excursions*, baseball games and Sunday papers; the open saloon, low necked and peek-a-boo waist dresses and also recommended that the churches pay better salaries to the preachers. Adrian was selected as the place of next year’s conference session.” [*NOTE: An “excursion” was where the train would pick up passengers on Sunday morning at the local train depot and take them to Detroit or Cleveland to attend the major league ball games that afternoon. They would then return home by train in evening. Church was missed that Sunday.]

“George Vail, who has been working for Seward Peters, is now in the Wade hospital with a broken leg. He jumped from the hayloft and missed the pile of hay. Result, left leg fractured.”

“Bennett, the photographer, has a fine picture of the crowded grandstand at the Farmer’s picnic. He had the finished picture on sale Thursday evening.”

Bennett's photograph of the Albion Farmer's Picnic in 1908


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