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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, July 26, 2009, pg. 7

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We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending August 3, 1909.

“Tuesday of this week Deputy Sheriff King went to Lansing and served papers on Robert Weiderwax of this city, who is employed in the gas works in that city. Weiderwax is charged with furnishing beer to three young men, while on the train between Albion and Homer. The offense is said to have been committed on July 3rd.”

“The town of Homer was wild with excitement Wednesday when word was telephoned into the village from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Norris that Mrs. Norris had been shot. William Hoy, who makes his home with the Norris family, shot Mrs. Norris in the breast with a shotgun loaded with number six shot.”

“GAR news. You are hereby notified that the annual reunion of the 2nd Michigan Cavalry will be held at Albion, Michigan September 8, 1909. Turn out one and all and let us have a day of pleasure, greeting old comrades. Urge every comrade to attend and bring their wives and best girl. Come everybody and have a good time. Headquarters at the Albion House. R.W. Page, President. W. M. Beekman, secretary.”

Week ending August 12, 1909: “Council Minutes. Alderman White moved that a cement culvert be built across the ‘black ditch’ on the Dalrymple Boulevard. This is needed by the many men who daily pass that way to and from their work in the shops, and it was voted built. Alderman Keck thought that the weeds in this much execrated strip of mud and water could be raked out for five or ten dollars and ought to be. Alderman White said that his colleague was too sanguine, and it would take more than that sum to clear the stream. Furthermore, the depth of the channel was not uniform and in places the water is shallow, thus damming up the free flow.”

“Alderman McCarty then related the troubles of a half-dozen families west of the Gale works, who cannot find a means of entrance to or exit from their homes without trespassing on the property of somebody else. They want a street, the same to be a continuation of Gale St., north to Michigan Ave.” [Note, this was the Gale St. extension which ran west to east, meeting N. Albion St.]

Week ending August 26, 1909: “The new reservoir for the city pumping station on Cass St. is nearing completion. When completed, the new reservoir will have a capacity of 250,000 gallons, or an equivalent of a little over two standpipefuls, the latter holding 110,000 gallons. The reservoir is filled from two big flowing wells. Originally there were five, but the supply was so great that it bothered the equipment to take care of it, and as the casings of some of them were eaten out by rust they were plugged up with concrete and left for future use.”

“The city scales have been declared out of order. For some time the weights have been questioned, and now the official statement has gone out that the scales need fixing.”


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