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Albion 100 Years Ago - May 1910

Morning Star, April 25, 2010, pg. 22

This past week a new batch of engraved bricks were added to the Veteran’s Memorial Stage at Riverside Cemetery. Among them was a brick in memory of Albion’s famous reporter-photographer, Gwen Dew (1903-1993). It states, “Gwen Dew Reporter POW WWII.” Is there a brick honoring the veteran(s) in your family on the Stage? Take a look and see all the names that are there. The American Legion is handling the sale of engraved bricks for the Stage. Get your order in today. From our Historical Notebook this week we present the newly-placed brick of Gwen Dew.

Gwen Dew Reporter POW WWII

We continue with our theme of “Albion, 100 Years Ago.” Week ending May 5, 1910. “Albion druggists report the number of liquor sales for the past week as follows: Sheldon, 20; Blair, 14; Moore, 14. Kinmont and Bean have not taken out the license and cannot sell. It would appear from this statement that the booze is not being purchased here with the aid of a physician’s prescription.”

“The New York Saturday Evening Mail contains a page of snapshots taken about West Point. One of the most interesting views at least to Albion folks is one which shows three or four of the cadets with their young lady friends sitting on a terrace . Cadet Gildart of Albion is plainly to be seen just as he was attempting to escape from the range of the camera. But the photographer was too quick for him and caught him just on the edge of the picture.” [NOTE: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Clyde Gildart, a 1906 graduate of Albion High School, and a 1911 graduate of West Point, died in the U.S. Army of Occupation in Germany in 1919]

Week ending May 12, 1910. “The Clarendon Post Office was discontinued by the post office department May 2. Inspector Pond visited the Clarendon office some time ago, and it is thought the move was made on his recommendation. Patrons of the office, with one or two exceptions, will now be served by the rural routes from Homer.”

“The next fad of the Calhoun County hunter will be fox hunting unless the pests are thinned out some other way. The clever creatures keep watch during the daytime and manage to keep away from any approaching human, and at night they venture out and invade the henroosts and sheep pens of the farmers.”

City Council minutes. Communications. “One from Wm. W. Todd, President of the Michigan State Good Roads Association, extending an invitation to the [Albion] Council to attend the Good Roads Convention held in Grand Rapids on May 12th. Alderman McCarty moved that all of the members of this Council who can possibly get away, attend the convention. Carried.”

Week ending May 19, 1910. “The bumps at the intersection of the Michigan Central tracks with Superior St. are being abolished today under the supervision of Marshall Cooper. The depressions where the bricks have sunk into their foundation are being filled with cement, and automobile drivers, bicyclists and those who ride in any kind of a rig will henceforth be able to cross the tracks without imminent danger of breaking their springs.”

Week ending May 26, 1910. “The Albion Malleable Iron Company today let the contract for the erection of six more new houses to be built in their Italian settlement. It is planned to have these houses completed and ready for occupancy by October first. This will make over a score of houses in Little Italy, quite a respectable addition towards our northwestern suburban section.”

“Mrs. Myron Sine and children left yesterday for their home in Jamestown, North Dakota after a visit with Albion relatives.” “Mrs. R. D. Brewer, who was operated upon last Sunday at the City Hospital for appendicitis, is reported to be improving rapidly.”

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