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Albion 100 Years Ago - August 1911

Morning Star, July 31, 2011, pg. 7

August marks a milestone on my motherís side of the family. It was exactly 100 years ago that my maternal grandfather arrived in America from his native Lithuania. His name was Nikodemas Kulikauskas (1890-1975) which was shortened here in Albion to Mike Kulikowski, Sr. He had 14 children and Iíve got dozens of cousins. We know he left Europe on a ship from the port of Bremen in Germany to get here, but canít find his name on any "soundex" searches to learn from what port or on what ship name he arrived in America in August, 1911. After getting married in 1914 and living in Chicago and Cicero, Illinois, he came with his family to Albion in September 1918 to work at the Albion Malleable Iron Company. If you see a Kulikowski, give them your congratulations on the family being here in America for 100 years. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of my maternal grandfather, Mike Kulikowski, Sr.

Nikodemas "Mike" Kulikauskas (1890-1975) with 1955 prize winning perch

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending August 3, 1911: "Work on the Charles F. Austin School building at the corner of E. Pine and N. Clinton Sts. is progressing steadily, the brick having passed the second floor."

Week ending August 10, 1911: "Cleaning Works a Total Loss. Albion lost its only carpet cleaning works at 12:20 Monday afternoon when flames swept the plant owned by Henry F. Gilbert on N. Clinton St. near the River bridge. It is thought the fire originated from a defective electric wire leading to the electric motor. There was no insurance on the building and the whole plant is an entire loss. Mr. Gilbert will probably not rebuild.

Week ending August 17, 1911: "Albion Post Office Site Chosen. After several months of deliberation, the Post Office Department at Washington has chosen a site for the new Albion post office, the choice falling to the northwest corner of Michigan Ave. and N. Superior St. The Albion Homestead & Building Loan Association offered the accepted site to the government and the cash consideration is $11,000."

"The Board of Education met last evening and opened the bids on the plumbing for the Charles F. Austin School. Spears & Schofield were awarded the contract. The plumbing work on the new building will be started at once. The brick work on the building is entirely completed and the roof boards were being put on this morning preparatory to the laying of the roof."

Week ending August 24, 1911: "Training School at City Hospital. On Wednesday evening the final steps were taken in the organization of a Training School for Nurses in connection with the Albion Hospital. A full and thorough course of instruction has been provided for and on October 1st the school will be ready and open for work."

"Foreigner Mangled by Two Trains. Hungarian Workmanís Remains Found Strewn Along Michigan Central Tracks Near Superior St. Early Sunday Morning. Mike Schulak who had been working on the old Silliman farm west of the city and was formerly a resident of the foreign settlement in the northwestern part of the city, was hit by a Michigan Central train Saturday evening just east of the crossing at Superior St. An inquest was held today pronouncing the death as accidental and the remains were taken to the Potterís Field at Riverside Cemetery this morning, where they were buried."

"Will Honor Crowellís Memory. The memory of Jesse Crowell, Albionís first benefactor, who has been buried in Riverside Cemetery for half a century without a remembrance of any sort upon his grave, was honored recently when the E.L.T club took action the matter and decided to become responsible for the maintenance of the lot in the future. A subscription list is going the rounds of the city for funds with which to purchase a suitable monument for Mr. Crowell. It has been decided to place a memorial stone on his grave at Riverside."

Week ending August 31, 1911: "The fire department has a new member. He is not over four feet in length and only weights in the neighborhood of 75 pounds, but he will grow to bigger than any of the fire-laddies. He is a seven months old black bear cub and was presented to the department by Jim McGuire. Mr. McGuire saw the bruin in Tacoma, where the little animal was mascot for a baseball team. Jim expressed a desire to own the cub and to his surprise the owners shipped him to Mr. McGuire, here at Albion. The cub may become the nucleus of a zoo at the city park, and he may be put to other uses. The fire department is all up in the air about the matter."


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