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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - October 1911

Morning Star, October 2, 2011, pg. 22

From our September 4 edition of this column, we have learned the identities of the paperboys in the photo are as follows: Front row, Robert Brown, Terry Tawney, and Randy Stanham. Back row: Mark Brown, Danny Signor of Homer, Tim Kurtz, and circulation manager Clarence Hagerman.

Years ago in the Journal of Albion I used to write a column entitled "Who is It?” consisting of unidentified photographs I would ask people to help identify. In the early 1960s the Albion Recorder used to published photographs of happy (supposedly) couples who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. I’ve got the negatives to several of these but just a handful are unidentified. From our this week is pictured one such unidentified couple from the early 1960s. Can any of our readers identify who they are? My e-mail is Albionfp@hotmail.com or call (517) 629-5402.

UPDATE: Last week’s unidentified 50th anniversary couple from the 1960s has been identified as Clement (1885-1962) and Susan (Wood) (1892-1977) Scribner. They were the parents of Don and Max Scribner, and three daughters. Special thanks to Hilda Ebbinghaus for the identification of her husband Carl’s grandparents. The Scribners were married on October 29, 1908 which would make this photograph from 1958 on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Clement (1885-1962) and Susan (Wood) (1892-1977) Scribner

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago.” Week ending October 5, 1911. "Judge North in the circuit court sentenced Edward Lowry recently convicted for a crime in Albion. Lowry who was found guilty of entering into mock marriage with Miss Ella Birmingham, of this city, was given from 1 to 5 years in the reformatory at Ionia.”

"Miss Martha Raether, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Raether, of S. Mingo St., and Walter Peabody, son of Fred W. Peabody, of W. Erie St., were united in marriage Monday at the Presbyterian Church by Rev. C. E. Huffer.”

Week ending October 12, 1911: "The members of the Baptist Church met Thursday for the election of officers for the coming year. The following are the officers for the ensuing year: Deacon, W. L. Thompson; trustee: Henry M. Dearing and C. G. Bigelow. Treasurer, Henry M. Dearing. Clerk, C. G. Bigelow. Sunday School superintendent, C. W. Albert, and assistant superintendent, Grover Cleveland.”

"The ghost of the old Albion-Duck Lake electric railway is still haunting the community and rumors are afloat again, as they have been almost continually, ever since the old Taylor roadbed was laid, that something is to be done in the way of constructing the line very soon.”

"Mr. F. C. Conant, who has been visiting friends and relatives in the city for a number of weeks past, returned to his home in Sacramento, California Wednesday. Mr. Conant states that the high cost of living is enough reason alone for his not wishing to make a permanent home here.”

"The long expected rearrangement of the city mail routes came Monday and each mail carrier’s territory has been changed in order to allow an added carrier on the force. The man to get the place is Charles Denier, who has been a substitute carrier for some months.”

Week ending October 26, 1911: "Superior St. was the scene of an unusual procession Saturday noon, when six wagonloads of timber for the rebuilding of the Haeske barns, which burned south of the city some time ago, were being transported from the Wilder lumberyard to the Haeske farm.”

"The school at Duck Lake, known as the north brick school, will probably have to be closed. Mrs. Edith Baker, wife of the storekeeper at Duck Lake, is seriously ill with scarlet fever. The township health officer of Clarence will probably order the school closed and the children who attend there will be quarantined for a few days at least or until the danger of an epidemic is over.”

"Tuesday morning at 7 o’clock at St. Mary’s Church in Marshall was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Andrew Whalen, of Albion, and Mrs. Edith Bowen, of Marshall. The ceremony was performed by Fr. Callahan and was in the presence of only the most intimate friends and relatives. Mr. Whalen is the proprietor of the barbershop in the Hotel Albion, and before taking that place was in the Crippen shop.”

"A family reunion, or partial one, occurred Sunday at the home of L. H. Baughman, Perry St., when three of his brothers and three of his sisters arrived to spend Sunday. The affair was an impromptu gathering, and was brought about by Harry Baughman who upon discovering that an uncle from Ohio and an aunt from Iowa were in the vicinity, got on the telephone and got all his aunts and uncles together for Sunday.”


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