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Albion 100 Years Ago - JANUARY 1912

Morning Star, January 8, 2012, pg. 10

Note: We are omitting stories about the Albion National Bank failure and scandal which dominated the news 100 years ago. These were specially covered in last week's column. More details are found in this writer's book "Albion's Banks and Bankers," and also in previous columns which have been reprinted on the www.albionmich.com website:


Week ending January 4, 1912: "Austin School Admirable Building. The Charles F. Austin School is finished at last. On Monday a large number of Albion citizens thronged the new structure at the corner of Pine and Clinton Sts, all of whom had nothing but admiration for the magnificent way in which the school board has spent the people's money. The Albion Lumber Company did the general construction work, and the finishing painting and decorating and did their work flawlessly." From our Historical Notebook this week we present an early postcard photograph of the Austin School, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of its opening this month.

"Attorney F.A. Kulp, as counsel for Luther Carroll of Albion, a 17-year old boy, started suit in the local circuit court against the Allith-Prouty company of Chicago and Dansville, IL, asking $10,000 in damages for injuries which the lad had received while at work at a branch of the defendant company in Albion."

"Missing Albion Student Re-appears. Emaciated unkempt, and showing penitence for his act, Charles W. Jones…a former Albion College student who disappeared from his home in Portland, Oregon late last summer after a shortage of several thousand dollars had been discovered in funds in the Oregon hotel of which he was cashier, has returned to Portland voluntarily and given himself up, according to a dispatch from that city."

Week ending January 18, 1912: "Elwyn P. Greene, editor of the Lookout and former editor of the Vidette at Homer, began suit in the circuit court Saturday for divorce. The bill of complaint, evidently drawn by Mr. Green, covers nine typewritten pages and contains a biography of his life. The couple were married at Walla Walla Washington in 1900, and separated in 1904."

"Charles Calhoun Blakeley who has been at his home in this city for several months, following the accident which he suffered in the new Grand Central Terminal building in New York City is the recipient of a handsome gold headed cane, presented to him as a token of their esteem, by "The Travelers of the West."

"John Mellow, who caused considerable excitement in Albion last October when he stole three bicycles in less than as many days, completed his term of sixty days at Marshall. Under-Sheriff Mallory went to the county seat with another warrant for him, charging him with the theft last October of a bicycle belonging to R. J. Comstock of Hannah St."

Week ending January 25, 1912. "Rex B. Kennedy, formerly editor of the Recorder, has bought the Daily Oxnard Courier of Oxnard, CA. It's slogan is "The largest little city on the coast."

"A fire in the house owned by Dean Harroun, corner of Perry and Hannah Sts., designated by the students many of whom have roomed there in times gone by, as the "Mud Palace," [NOTE: This was the adobe house] brought out the fire department Tuesday about 10:30 am. The fire was in the kitchen."

"A marriage license has been issued to Henry Rutz and Floy Brandt, both of Albion." "The first marriage license issued to Indians in years was issued at Marshall by Miss Agnes Sterling, deputy clerk Saturday, to Albert Mackety and Elizabeth Wezoo. They are both from the Pottowatomie reservation at Athens.


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