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Albion 100 Years Ago - FEBRUARY 1912

Morning Star, February 12, 2012, pg. 19

Last week's article about Mitt Romney's genealogical connection to Albion certainly attracted some attention. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photo of the tombstone of Mitt's great-great-great-great grandmother, Mary (Russell) Warner in Riverside Cemetery. The verse at the bottom states, "Friends nor physicians could not save, my mortal body from the grave. Nor can this grave confine me here, when Christ doth call I must appear."

Tombstone of Mary Russell Warner at Riverside Cemetery

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending February 1, 1912: "The Albion City Council last evening absolved City Treasurer W. J. Morse from any responsibility or liability for the loss of the funds belonging to the City which were in the bank at the time of its failure."

"E.J. Moon, father of Louis Moon of this city, passed away Thursday afternoon at his home in Marshall. He was yardmaster for the Michigan Central."

"Mrs. Caroline Hookway of Rice Creek is one of the victims of the Dearing steal who has suffered a severe physical breakdown on account of her losses. Mrs. Hookway, who is 86 years of age, had about $6,000 in the National [Albion National Bank] which constituted practically every cent she possessed in the world."

Week ending February 8, 1912. "One of the oldest landmarks in the city, the ancient Williamson Blacksmith shop, at the NW corner of Michigan Ave. and Ionia Sts. occupied of late years by Richard Walsh and the carriage shop next to it, went up in flames Wednesday night. The building was built sometime in the forties, and was used for many years by L. D. Williamson, one of the city's pioneers who worked at the blacksmith trade for a long period of years."

"The team representing Albion which went to Homer Thursday to play billiards against the experts of that town, routed the Homerites in fine style, and returned with five of the six games to its credit."

"The news that Albion's veteran ball tosser, James T. McGuire, is to be with the Detroit Tigers this year is very welcome to his many friends who will be assured of his presence in the city much oftener than if he were still with the Cleveland or some other club in the American League."

"Manager John Loskot of the Temple Theatre has been sued for $10.50 one week's wages, by Mrs. Guy Baughman, who has been employed at the theatre for some time as pianist."

"The farmhouse of Clarence Yorkey about one mile north of the city was totally destroyed Sunday evening by a fire which started from a defective chimney."

Week ending February 15, 1912: "Another delightful Foreign Wedding. Paul Omeluk, or words to that effect, a member of the Malleable foreign colony, took unto himself a wife Saturday evening, after obtaining a divorce from a recent incumbent but a few days ago in the circuit court. A Russian Orthodox priest came down from Jackson to do the necessary ceremonial work, but the wedding turned out to be a minor part of the evening's events, for the presence of four more or less bruised and battered gentlemen of foreign persuasion who spent most of the Sabbath in the Cass St. Bastille [i.e. city jail] tells a bigger story than any mere wedding ever could."

Week ending February 22, 1912: "The report that the Michigan United Traction Co. had taken over the M. U.R. and was to make a big change in the management of the road was officially confirmed today."

"The first month has passed since receiver Frank L. Irwin served notice on the stockholders of the Albion National Bank that the full one hundred percent per value on their stock would be required of them according to the law…Judge North in the circuit court appointed David A. Garfield receiver of the old First National Bank of Albion"

"Albion Township taxpayers are making an effort to relieve Treasurer Fred W. Kinney of the responsibility of the loss of the township taxes which were deposited in the National Bank."


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