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Albion 100 Years Ago - APRIL 1912

Morning Star, April 1, 2012, pg. 3

Have you noticed that the house at the corner of W. Erie and S. Albion Sts. has finally been demolished along with the barn in the back? From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of that house, which undoubtedly stood longer than it should have.

The house at the corner of W. Erie and S. Albion Sts.

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago," when repercussions of the Albion National Bank failure were still making headlines." Week ending April 4, 1912. "Albion Pioneer Buried Saturday. Augustus J. Gale, who died Thursday at his new home in Ontario, California was one of Albion's pioneers. He was a prominent Mason and one of the founders of the Gale Manufacturing Company."

"The household goods of Mr. and Mrs. George Dearing were shipped to Detroit today. Mr. Dearing, who has been with the Michigan Central Company, has secured a position with a Detroit commercial concern."

"Ex-President Talked to Albion People. Theodore Roosevelt stopped in Albion for about one minute Saturday, and talked to a crowd of three or four hundred people, most of whom had gathered to see his train go through."

Week ending April 11, 1912: "Louis C. Van Gorden New Drug Man. The Rexall Drug Store, corner of Cass and Superior Sts., which has been closed for the past ten days for inventory, was re-opened this morning under new management. The new owner is Louis C. Van Gorden. He is strictly an Eaton Rapids product, having spent his entire life there. He obtained his pharmacy course at the University of Michigan."

"Don Riley of Los Angeles, CA, who is well known in this city, while in Albion one day last week presented the city hospital board with a check for fifty dollars to go toward the maintenance of the institution."

"A quantity of books formerly owned by Palmer M. Dearing were sold at public auction on Superior St. corner of Center, Saturday afternoon by Sterling & Markle."

Week ending April 18, 1912. "Dearings Sentenced to Five Years at Leavenworth Prison. Wreckers of Albion National Bank Sentenced This Morning by Judge Angell, receiving minimum number of years…The two men bade farewell to their families Wednesday, and none of the members of either family was in the court at the time of the sentencing."

"Council minutes. A petition signed by Hadley H. Sheldon and sixty-four others, asking the city to provide for the systematic collection of garbage throughout the city, was referred to the health committee."

"Kinney Will Not Have to Pay. Fred W. Kinney, the treasurer of Albion Township, who had several thousand dollars of the town's money in the wrecked Albion National Bank, will be relieved from the stress of putting up the money by an act of the legislature, the passage of which was secured by Representative Wolcott at the present special session. The act authorizes the township to borrow money to cover the deficit in the taxes paid to the county treasurer. The governor has already signed the bill, it is said."

"Year in Prison for Miss Hollon. Miss Addie Hollon, who was indicted Saturday for misappropriating the funds of the Albion National Bank, appeared in Federal court in the afternoon. She commenced a sentence of one year in the Detroit House of Correction. Miss Hollon broke down somewhat following the announcement of her sentence, and the scene was a pitiable one. With no close relative to concern themselves for her, and with no friend at hand to sympathize, she was all alone in the empty courtroom."

"The remains of Edward Densmore, who was killed in the wreck on the interurban was of Ann Arbor Monday afternoon, were brought to the home of the son, Miles Densmore, Austin Ave, from which place the funeral will be held Thursday afternoon."

"A petition signed by eighty-two persons who will be benefited by its granting, asking for a cement sidewalk on Dalrymple Boulevard, between Irwin Ave. and Erie St., should receive the careful attention of the council and should be granted."

Week ending April 25, 1912: "Another Farm Residence Burns. Fire losses totaling nearly $20,000 were added when the farm residence of George Wheaton in Lee, a few miles from Marshall, was set on fire and burned to the ground. The family was not at home at the time and the neighbors discovered the blaze."

"Jury Acquits Frank Darrow. After the jury in the case against Frank Darrow, charged by Game Warden Young with the illegal trapping of muskrats, had made a trip up the river to examine the mass of weeds and mud said to be a muskrat-house by the warden, the returned a verdict of "not guilty" Saturday afternoon. The jury did not think the trap belonging to Mr. Darrow was placed on a muskrat-house."

"Trees in front of Central School to be cut. The school board has decided to cut down the front row of maples in front of the Central School to allow a suitable grade for the terrace south of the sidewalk."

"Shorten's Miss Hollon's Term. Judge Angell of Detroit, shortened her term from one year to four months. Miss Hollon was overcome with delight when she heard the judge's announcement of the change of sentence and thanked Judge Angell with tears streaming down her cheeks."


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