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SEPTEMBER 1912 -- Albion 100 Years Ago

Morning Star, August 26, 2012, pg. 16

From our Historical Notebook this week we present the final unidentified 50th anniversary couple from the late 1950s or so I have in my files. If you know who this is, please contact me at (517) 629-5402 or Albionfp@hotmail.com. Of the several we have featured in this column, only one couple remains unidentified. Thank you readers for your help over the past several months. This week's couple owned a television set, shown just to the left.

Unidentified 50th anniversary couple from the late 1950s (Charles and Nettie Brownell)

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending September 5, 1912. "Two more teachers for the public schools are made necessary by the increased attendance this year over last, according to reports made to the school board at its regular meeting last night. The congestion appears in the 2nd and 3rd grades, and in the 7th and 8th grades."

"The Council met in a warm session last night. The garbage question received considerable attention. W. E. Sherman may be awarded the contract."

"The second annual reunion of the Cuatt family was held Thursday August 22 at the old Cuatt homestead in Wright, now owned by John Cuatt. Forty members were in attendance." "The first reunion of the Marsh family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Abbott, N. Eaton St. on Labor Day. All were relatives of the late Lathrop Marsh of southeast Albion who passed away about fourteen years ago." "The annual reunion of the William A. Warner family was held Monday September 2 at the home of W. R. and Robert Warner, 209 Irwin Avenue. The next reunion will be held at the Van Wormer home near Concord."

"The first three carloads of brick have arrived for the Eagle Temple, which is to be erected on the corner of Center and Clinton Sts. Work will be commenced at once and it is expected that the building will be well under way before snow flies."

"Del and Hiram Wilson of Clarendon, who were arrested August 16 by Deputy State Game Warden Young and arranged by Justice McCutcheon's court August 17 on a charge of dynamiting the St. Joseph River in Clarendon for fish, stood trial Friday in Justice McCutcheon's court."

Week ending September 12, 1912. Marengo news. "Clifford Kinyon, the 'Village Blacksmith' has closed his shop for the present and accepted a position with the MCRR at Marshall. Mr. Kinyon is a skilled workman and a genial gentleman and we are sorry that he is forced to make the recent change through lack of patronage." "George L. Gildersleeve appeared before J. C. Cooper recently and made affidavit for the seventeenth consecutive quarter that he was the person named in the pension voucher which he produced. Mr. Gildersleeve is a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted at the age of 17with the First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics."

Week ending September 19, 1912. Noted Wrestler Coming to Albion. Manager George Hahn of the Wolverine Athletic club, has been in communication with Burt Ribbey, one of the best known middle-weight wrestlers in the middle west. Ribbey is a blacksmith by trade, but his wrestling engagements allow him but little time for his chosen work."

Week ending September 26, 1912: "New Building for the College. At the state Epworth League Institute which was held at Bay View this summer, a resolution was adopted which launches a three year campaign to raise $40,000 for the construction and equipment of a new building on Albion's campus. This is to be used as a physical science building."


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