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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - November 1912

Morning Star, November 11, 2012, pg. 8

Have you noticed that the cable company has recently switched the weather channel to Hastings? Not only are we now getting the wrong local forecast, but on the local (not regional) radar map we’ve lost the first row of counties in Michigan and northern Indiana where our weather comes from. It’s now a surprise what’s coming up from the south.

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, I’d like to remind my readers that my current two Albion history books, "Growing Up in Albion," and "Albion in Review" would make nice gifts this holiday season. They are available from yours truly, or at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. Drop by and purchase your copies this week. If you enjoy our local ethnic history, the Chamber also has my Ethnic Tours of Riverside Cemetery which make very interesting reading. From our Historical Notebook this week is a photo of "Growing Up in Albion."

Cover of "Growing Up In Albion" by Frank Passic

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending November 7, 1912: "Because the dividends paid the stockholders of the Albion National Bank since January1, 1907 were illegally paid out of the money belonging to the depositors, when there were really no dividends due them, owing to the perfidy of the Dearings, Receiver Frank L. Irwin is sending out letters to all the former stockholders demanding the return of all dividends received from the bank since the date mentioned."

"Miss Bedient Made Good at Sonoma. Probably one of the youngest speakers in the national campaign, and a woman at that, addressed a National Progressive meeting at Sonoma Friday night, said Saturday’s Battle Creek Enquirer. It was Miss Ethel Bedient, a freshman at Albion College and a resident of Albion. For an hour and a half, Miss Bedient produced reasons why the people should vote for Roosevelt."

Week ending November 14, 1912: "Albion’s coal mine, which is located about four miles north of the city on the road running past the Hayes Wheel Company’s plant, resumed active operations Monday. The mine is located just across the road from an old mine from which coal used to be taken. Coal has been struck in numerous nearby places where walls were being dug. The mine is located only a short distance from the Lake Shore railroad and a spur from this road to the mine is being planned. This would be used to carry the laborers to and from Albion where the majority of them will live and also to get the coal to a market."

"Daniel McAuliffe, a brother of Patrick McAuliffe, W. Oak St., who moved away from Albion about 25 years ago and had not been heard from by his relatives here since, walked into the McAuliffe home Sunday, greatly surprising his brothers family, who had supposed him to be other than in the land of the living. Mr. McAuliffe lives in Montana at present and took a sudden notion he would like to see his Michigan relatives, not notifying them of his coming, however. He will probably remain in the city several days."

Week ending November 21, 1912: ‘Receiver Frank L. Irwin of the Albion National Bank stated today that without a doubt the bank building and fixtures would be disposed of before the next fortnight had passed…Mr. Irwin expects to retain his present office in the rear of the bank for a time, at least, after the sale of the building."

"Foreigner Tried to Leave Albion. A Russian laborer by the name of Moran, or thereabouts, attempted to slip out of town Tuesday night, knowing that the local officers were after him on a charge of using profane and indecent language, the offense having been committed before a woman in the foreign settlement….He pleaded guilty however in Justice Watson’s court this morning, and was sent to Marshall for a straight period of 30 days without the alternative of a fine. He will be added to Sheriff Fonda’s road gang, it is expected."


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