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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - December 1912

Morning Star, December 9, 2012, pg. 9

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Growing Up In Albion by Frank Passic

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending December 5, 1912. "Depositors of Albion National Bank Want Government to Act. Big Mass Meeting at Opera House, Last Night, Results in Organization of Depositors of Wrecked Institution." [That story was covered in detail last week in this column.]

"Receiver Frank L. Irwin of the Albion National Bank has announced the sale of the bank building, the purchaser being Frank J. Graves, the local shoe man, and the consideration being $6,850. Mr. Irwin has secured the amount of the full value of the property for the depositors of the defunct banking institution and Mr. Graves has obtained one of the best business locations in the city."

"Daniel W. Connors, who has been a prominent figure in this city for the past sixteen years, passed away at his home, 211 W. Cass St. Tuesday afternoon from cancer. Mr. Connors was one of the contractors who built the Superior St. pavement, and the present splendid appearance of our main thoroughfare, in that particular, is greatly due to his work. Mr. Connors acted as chief of the Albion Fire Department under Mayor McAuliffe, serving from1906 to 1908." From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of Albion Fire Chief Daniel W. Connors (1865-1912).

Week ending December 12, 1912: "Albion Humane Association Met. Executive board makes pleas for raising funds for carrying on of work during coming winter."

"Strangely enough, about 25 depositors of the Albion National Bank have not yet asked Mr. Irwin for their checks representing the first dividend of 20% issued by the receiver some months ago."

"Receivers Frank L. Irwin of the Albion National Bank, and David A. Garfield, of the First National bank, together with Attorney Burritt Hamilton of Battle Creek, started for Washington Sunday afternoon on business for the two banks. They took with them the three petitions which were signed by the depositors last week. There were over 300 names attached to each and there would undoubtedly have been more had the depositors meeting been arranged earlier."

"The city mail carriers are trying out a new schedule, which will be used when the new law comes into effect allowing the carriers to work but 8 hours a day within a not longer period of time than 10 hours."

"Deputy Sheriff Smith received a telephone call from the Sheriff of Osceola Co. Saturday morning in regard to the man found dead some weeks ago at Grover, east of Homer. The man was never identified. The Osceola Sheriff said he believed him to be a man named Webster, for whom he held a warrant. He told Deputy Smith he would forward a picture of the man whom he believes is dead."

Week ending December 19, 1912: "Hewitt Eddy has been compelled to give up his place at the Screen Works and has gone to his home in Union City, on account of illness."

"Tony Arzo, a member of the foreign colony, lost his temper while arguing with a fellow countryman, with the result that they "mixed" to some extent, and Tony found himself in the hands of the law, on a charge of assault."

Week ending December 26, 1912: "Sad Christmas for One Albion Family. Six Year Old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rosenbrook Falls under Fatherís Wagon and Dies From Injuries. One of the saddest accidents that ever occurred in this city resulted in the death Monday afternoon of Ellen Rosenbrook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rosenbrook of Crandall St."

"John Harrington, a one-legged man who annoyed a number of people on Superior St. Friday afternoon and evening by his begging methods and was finally arrested by the police on a drunk charge, was arranged in Justice Watsonís court Saturday morning and pleaded guilty. As he was unable to pay a fine he was sent to Marshall for 15 days."

"Robert Wiener, of Odessa, Russia, arrived in the city Friday evening, and expects to make his home in this city for the future, with his brother Norman Wiener, the local junk man. Mr. Wiener had not seen his brother for over seven years, during the most of which time Robert Wiener had been in the Russian army. He will take an interest in his brotherís business here, in the new building which Mr. Wiener has just completed for his use, on N. Clinton St."


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