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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, December 23, 2012, pg. 6

A big thank you for those who have helped make this column possible this past year with your donations of Albion history items such as city directories, school yearbooks, Albion milk bottles, Albion picture postcards, Albion photographs, Albion memorabilia, historical research information and documents. Albion is rich in history and it is interesting to everyone the amount of material that is "out there" about our community. If you have something you don’t want anymore, feel free to contact me at Albionfp@hotmail.com, or (517) 629-5402.

As we think about Christmas and the spirit of giving, one organization that is well-known during the Christmas season is the Salvation Army. The Army was quite active in Albion at various times over the past century. One hundred ten (110) years ago they were located on Cass St. and a "Captain Biddle" was stationed here as the local leader. Here are some excerpts from the December 11, 1902 Albion Recorder concerning the Army’s Christmas work here in Albion:

"The Salvation Army is working earnestly to carry out a project the like of which has never been attempted on so large a scale in this city. On Christmas Day they will serve a free dinner at their barracks to all the poor and needy people of the city, beginning at 11:30 and serving as long as necessity requires.

Captain Biddle is now soliciting provisions from various citizens and should be given a hearty welcome. Anything that is donated will be placed where it will do the most good and nobody but the poor of this city will receive the gifts. Everything will be used right here in this city, where there are more needy people than the ordinary citizen would even imagine.

It will take a large amount of provisions for this dinner and the citizens of Albion are depended upon to donate them. It will be necessary to have in all as much as a quarter of beef, 25 chickens, half a hog, five bushels each of potatoes and apples, any kind of vegetables, fruit of all kinds and anything else that will help in getting up the dinner. Those who desire to donate provisions may either take them to the Salvation Army barracks on Cass St. or drop a card to Capt. Biddle and they will be called for.

On Christmas Eve a treat will be given all poor people at the barracks. They will be given Christmas presents consisting of anything that our citizens are willing to donate for that purpose. Cast-off clothing of any character will be gladly received and will be placed where it will do the most good. Playthings of any kind for the poor children may also be given."

Today in 2012 meals are still being served for the needy here in Albion at no charge, Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 pm. at our local New Hope Worship Center soup kitchen which just opened on October 29. It is called "Joseph’s Kitchen" at 104 E. Erie St. (the former Wanda Brown Upholstery business location). It is funded by donations from local citizens, and is operated by volunteers, members and friends of New Hope Worship Center. They are currently feeding around 20 persons a day but have room for more if you know of someone who could benefit from this type of ministry. If you’d like to help make a positive difference here in our community via this local outreach either by financial donations or volunteering your time, give New Hope Worship Center located at 13600 28 Mile Road a call at (517) 629-4862 for more information. You can also write them at P.O. Box 57, Albion, MI 49224 with checks payable to "New Hope Worship Center" designated for the project.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of Joseph’s Kitchen, downtown Albion’s newest addition. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Joseph’s Kitchen, downtown Albion’s newest addition

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