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Albion 100 Years Ago -- JANUARY 1913

Morning Star, December 30, 2012, pg. 14

Happy New Year, everyone! With the Biggby Coffee shop opening up shortly on E. Michigan Avenue, we thought we’d present a photograph this week from when the building was first built. From our Historical Notebook is Burger Chef being constructed in March, 1967 on the site of the former local American Legion home. The contractor was the Rose Construction Co. of Chicago. How many of our readers remember Burger Chef?

Burger Chef being constructed in March, 1967

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending January 2, 1913: "Receiver Frank L. Irwin of the Albion National Bank received the checks from Washington, Friday evening for the 5% dividend, recently announced, and the checks are being paid out to the depositors of the wrecked financial institution now. The arrival of the valuable little slips of paper from the comptroller’s office at the national capital will return to circulation approximately $20,000, making a total of somewhere near $110,000 which has been recovered thus far for the depositors through the work of the receiver."

"A new bakery has opened for business in this city. It is located in the Lottie Eslow block on W. Porter St., and the proprietor is Walter Bolen. The shop is owned by the P. V. Tamas Bakery people in Battle Creek."

Week ending January 9, 1913: Headline: "City to Enforce Garbage Ordinance. Common Council Determined See to it That Only Licensed Garbage Collectors Can Operate in Albion."

"Fred Bilsborrow entertained a large number of South Albion young people at his home south of the city Saturday evening in honor of Miss Marie Howell of the Ypsilanti Normal."

"Frank E. Nowlin is building an addition to the east end of his new building on Michigan and Clinton Sts., which will be highly appreciated by the farmers. It is a large galvanized iron covered hay shed with plenty of room for two or more wagons loaded with hay."

Week ending January 16, 1913: "Receiver Bought Eslow Property. The only bidder who turned up at the sale of the Lottie Eslow and old Post Office buildings on W. Porter St. was receiver David A. Garfield of the old First National Bank, who started the foreclosure proceedings against James C. Eslow which brought about the sale of the property. Both bids were accepted by Circuit Court Commissioner Ford, who had charge of the sale."

"David A. Garfield Returns to Bank. At the annual meeting of the directors of the Albion State Bank, the officers of the past year were all re-elected, and in addition, David A. Garfield, receiver of the First National Bank, was chosen vice-president. He will close out his other interests to devote his entire time to his work in the bank, and expects to sell out his grain and elevator business at once."

"Charles X. Guyselman who has been spending the past few weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. X. Guyselman, Broadwell Avenue, left Tuesday for the east where he will start the practice of chiropractic."

Week ending January 23, 1912. "Marriage licenses have been issued to Joseph Irelanjewick and Alexandra Demskia both of Albion, John Wasik and Mary Banoczek, and Percival John Abbott and Laura Ann Gilbert, both of Albion."

"Mrs. Earl Mead, the Marengo woman who is alleged to have eloped last July with John A. Hubbard, the treasurer of the South Albion Gleaners who was arrested Tuesday in Cleveland on an embezzlement charge, was arrested Friday in Kalamazoo where she was employed with a Burdick St. family as a domestic."

"Mr. and Mrs. Myron Lamont, M/M Herb Schumacher, M/M Will Allison and Miss Mabel Owens took a sleigh ride to the home of Charles Krenerick Saturday evening.

Week ending January 30, 1913: "Something of an idea of the output of the Malleable Iron Company can be imagined from the fact that the local concern is now pouring over 80 tons of iron every day, which is very far in advance of any past records."

"Loucho Wurdego, a Bulgarian laborer, was arrested Sunday evening on Chauncey St. by the night officers on a charge of being drunk. In Justice Watson’s court Monday morning he plead guilty and paid a fine of $2 and costs of $7."

"The civil case of Mrs. Augusta Rutz vs. Fred Rosenau, both of Perry St., occupied the attention of a jury in Justice McCutcheon’s court nearly all day Tuesday. It was a landlord and tenant affair, brought to decide the settlement of a lease. The jury, after due deliberation, awarded the case in favor of the plaintiff, giving Mrs. Rutz a judgment for $74.84."

"A row at a house on Austin Ave. occupied by Greek laborers brought the night officers to the scene in an auto Sunday evening, and two arrests were made. The complaints were made by John Costoritio, who asked that two of his countrymen, Risto Taslo and Taslo Ristoff be arrested for assault and battery. Both men plead guilty in Justice McCutcheon’s court Monday morning, and paid a $1 fine and $7 costs apiece."

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