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Albion 100 Years Ago - February 1913

Morning Star, February 3, 2013, pg. 11

I am in need of a 1933 Washington Gardner High School Breeze Annual yearbook for my archives. This was probably a particular June Breeze newspaper "Senior Issue" containing the photographs of the graduating members of the Class of 1933. That was during the Great Depression when bound yearbooks were not produced due to the economic times. If you have one I could have, please call (517) 629-5402 or contact me at Albionfp@hotmail.com.

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending February 6, 1913: "The workmen employed on the construction of the new concrete walls at the Commonwealth dam, on E. Erie St., went on strike yesterday afternoon, on account of the intense cold, and Manager Stecker stated that a new gang would be on there soon if they did not return."

"Workmen at the coal mine, north of the city, who have been sinking a shaft, struck coal yesterday at a depth of about seventy-two feet. The vein at this point is five and one-half feet thick, which is a larger deposit than is contained in a number of other Michigan mines."

"Norman Henry Wiener of Albion, a native of Nerschis, Russia, has made application for naturalization papers. The case will be heard May 28."

"Negroes of the state will put up a hard fight against the house and senate bills forbidding inter-marriage of races. The bills provide against the union of whites with negroes or Mongolians, the latter being aimed especially at marriages between white girls and Japanese and Chinese."

Week ending February 12, 1913: "Mrs. Albert Pahl, Barnes St., was instantly killed Wednesday morning shortly before 11 o’clock, just E. of Burr Oak St., by the southbound train on the Lake Shore which is due here at 10:38….The turn in the track also probably prevented Mrs. Pahl from seeing the train in time."

"Coroner Marks of Jackson ordered an inquest held over the death of Mrs. E. A. Ismon of this city, a victim of the Trail St. crossing in Jackson Thursday, when a Michigan Central train struck a hack in which the deceased and her husband were riding….Mrs. Ismon’s maiden name was Mary Porter, and she was a daughter of Dr. Porter of Marengo, of one of the oldest families in the state. She was a sister of Judge Porter of the probate court of Marshall."

"Two former Albion men, George W. Stone of Lansing, and George N. Davis of Grand Rapids, have just been appointed to places on the board of managers of the Michigan Soldiers’ home in Grand Rapids."

"Charles Calhoun Blakeley of this city, who was badly injured some time ago in an accident in the Merchants’ and Manufacturers’ Exposition building in New York City when an elevator in which he was a passenger broke loose and fell several stories, has settled with the company owning the building outside of court, for the sum of $10,000."

"Otsego Hotel Men Prosecuted [Jackson]." Arrested for selling oleomargarine in their dining-room without the display of the proper sign, Fred, William and Harry Van Orman, proprietors of the Otsego Hotel in Jackson, were arraigned last evening in police court in Jackson, and waived examination. They were bound over to the circuit court for trial. Their prosecution was brought about by Inspector W. T. Hulscher of Battle Creek, a representative of the state dairy and food department, who has been closely investigating conditions in restaurants and dining rooms in this vicinity of late with the express purpose of detecting violators of the "oleo" act."

"With the completion of the prosecution of the "bath tub" cases in the U.S. Court in Detroit, it is expected that the case of George V. Dearing, ex-assistant cashier of the Albion National Bank, will be taken up. The witnesses from this city who are to be called for the Dearing case are likely to be called to Detroit at any time."

"Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eslow, formerly of this city, who have made their home near Pamplin, Virginia for more than a year past, are the guests of relatives in Albion. Mr. Eslow is engaged in farming in Virginia."

"An inspector from the post office department was in the city Monday and Tuesday, going over the site for the new post office."

"T.C. Whitehead is installing new rubber matting in the Bijou. This will eliminate to a large degree all noise of patrons as they enter or make their exit and renders slipping on the inclined aisles impossible."

"City Marshal Ernest Winchell at the order of the Health Department, killed two diseased hogs kept in a pen at the foreign settlement in the northwest part of the city Tuesday."

"Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder, N. Clinton St., expect to leave Albion late this afternoon to take up their home in Mariana, Florida. They have a son living there and they expect to remain in the south permanently. Oddly enough the postmaster at Mariana is a former Albion man, Lewis Wiselogel, who has many friends here."


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