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Albion 100 Years Ago - JUNE 1913

Morning Star, June 2, 2013, pg. 7

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending June 5, 1913: "A ten-year contract with the Commonwealth Power Company was entered into last night, by the common council for the furnishing of lights for the coming 10 years."

"Mrs. Edward Knickerbocker died at Eckford station Monday night. She is survived by a husband and three small children."

"Elmer Juckett of Homer was bitten by a rattlesnake while working on the marsh near Kesler's Lake on Friday. He was repairing a fence and having finished digging a posthole, reached down for a post. The reptile was lying near and as Juckett put his hand on the post the snake bit him severely."

Week ending June 12, 1913: "Wesley Irma Dorris of Detroit drove to Albion Monday, in his automobile and was exhibiting the plans of his newly invented "Cyclecar" being made in Cleveland by the Cyclecar Company, of which he is president. He state that the car, which is a two-wheeled affair and operates on the gyroscope principle is now on the market and is proving practicable."

"A marriage license was issued Saturday to Stanslaus Stecink, and Anna Leja, both of Albion. Neither could speak a word of English and the license was issued on an affidavit taken by an interpreter. The couple were born in Galacia, Austria [Note: the part of Poland by Krakow] and have been sweethearts since they were children."

"Undersheriff Mallory brought back John W. Dorsey from Benton Harbor Friday, on a warrant charging him with jumping a board bill at the boarding house of Mrs. Anna Monica on Center St. He plead guilty Saturday morning before Justice Watson."

Week ending June 26, 1913. "Condition of Albion Streets. A.C. Hudnutt, representing the Boosters and Knockers Club, petitioned the common council last night to do something about compelling the sewer, water and gas people to put the streets in as good condition as they found them when putting in ditches for pipes or tiling, and the aldermen spent considerable time in discussing the matter."

"Get your weeds cut. All persons having weeds on their premises are requested to get them cut at once, in accordance with the law. If they are left uncut they will be cut by city employees and the cost added to the tax account of the person on whose property they are found. I expect to start the work of cutting weeds some time next week so that all having weeds should cut them before that time. E. W. Winchell, City Marshal."

"The intense head of the last few days has seriously interfered with the city sewer work. In William Porr's gang, which is at work on the West Erie St. lateral of the Black ditch, no less than nine men have been compelled to lay off within the last few days on account of being overcome with heat, and several of them are still at their homes."

June 30, 1913: "Lightning struck the local power plant of the Commonwealth Power Company about 5:30 Monday evening and within thirty minutes the three-story brick building was burning like a blast furnace." [More about this next week here in our Historical Notebook].


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