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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - OCTOBER 1913

Morning Star, October 6, 2013, Pg. 8

Does anyone have a photo of the inside of the Bohm Theatre showing the archway on the left pictured here this week in our Historical Notebook? The restoration group wants to know how it used to look like so it can be replicated. The center checkered wood design is definitely not the original.

Remodeling the interior of the Bohm Theatre, 2013

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We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending October 2, 1913. "The Albion Chemical Works, one of Albion's young and growing companies, closed a deal Monday: the purchase of the factory building just south of the Michigan Central station and occupied by the Stock Tonic Co." [Note: today this is the site of the Albion Public Safety fire truck facility on N. Clinton St.]

"The Oxygen Decarbonizer Company, located at the Albion Garage, has just started manufacturing "The Albion Oxygen Decarbonizer", a machine to take the carbon from automobile cylinders." The manufacturers, Arthur G. Noble, and Harry R. Richards are expected to do a large business."

"The first entry for the Southern Michigan apple show has been at the Chamber of Commerce [Battle Creek]. The firm of Farley Brothers of Albion sent in its entry blank agreeing to show eight boxes, ten plates, and eight trays of apples."

"That the affairs of the Albion National Bank, which have been in the hands of Receiver Frank L. Irwin since January 1912, are to be closed up very shortly was given out Monday morning by Mr. Irwin."

Week ending October 9, 1913: "A gang of college students on the streets Saturday evening made things lively for the downtown district, for a time. They forced their way into the Princess theatre and saw the show free, but at the Bijou, manager Whitehead met them at the door and absolutely refused admission to the collegians."

Week ending October 16, 1913. "Celebrated their 63rd Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Waterman are Probably Oldest Married Couple in This Vicinity. Probably every person in Albion has seen Mrs. Waterman who presides at her popcorn stand at the corner of Superior and E. Erie St. every pleasant evening in the summer near the Bullen store. For 23 years Mrs. Waterman has sold corn from that corner."

"In spite of the fact that there is a surprisingly small number of errors in the recently published city directory the compiler, Frank L. Osborne, says he is getting out a page or two of errata, which when pasted in the directories, will make them complete and accurate in every way."

"City Marshal Winchell and Officer Richard Wheeler had an interesting afternoon Friday at the foreign settlement working out the details of a fracas in House No. 17. One Ganko Waskowich had been enticed into the room occupied by Mrs. Monia Romanut, and when he got inside the woman and her husband, Afansi Romanut who was hidden there, knocked Ganko senseless with a chair, meanwhile taking a sum approximating $35 from his pocket. The couple denied having anything to do with the affair but Waskowich made a complaint against the two…the judge allowed them to go after they paid the man back his money and costs amounting to $16."

Week ending October 23, 1913. "The road near the Frank Church farm west of the city [presently B Drive North by the ethanol plant] recently built by the farmers of that section to eliminate the two crossings over the M.U.T. and the Michigan Central is all completed and ready for use."

"The Albion Chemical Works is being moved to the new quarters in the former Independent Stock Tonic Company's building. This will give the steadily growing chemical concern elbow-room for the present, at least, and will provide facilities for increasing the factory space in the future."

"A quiet but pretty wedding took place Thursday morning at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Thompson, 315 Mechanic St., when their daughter Mattie A. became the bride of Wallace G. Manley. The groom for the past six years has been foreman of the bindery department of the Mirror Printing Company and the bride has been employed in the composing room of the same company for the past seven years."

Week ending October 30, 1913: "City May Have Splendid Park. If the Albion common council acts favorably toward a recommendation offered last evening by the city park commission, and if the people further act on the matter of voting favorably on a bond issue to carry the project through the City of Albion will have a beautiful park of over 40 acres…The tract includes practically all of the Dickie property...There would be plenty of room for baseball and football grounds. There would be space for an unusually long toboggan slide for winter use, and plenty of room for a skating rink with absolutely no risk of any drowning occurring." [Note: This property eventually became Victory Park.]

"Mr. and Mrs. Peters Married 60 Years. Sixty years ago October 25, 1853 in the hamlet of Cato, N.Y., Manly B. Peters took for his youthful bride Miss Sarah Sheldon. Last Saturday evening, 102 relatives, neighbors and friends met at the Peters home, 208 Irwin Ave. to honor this aged couple in the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary."

Obituary. "Ethel Regina Embury, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Embury, passed away after a short illness at 11:30 Saturday evening at her parents home on Chauney St.


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