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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - DECEMBER 1913

Morning Star December 8, 2013, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending December 4, 1913. "Eagle Fair Draws Big Crowd. It is estimated by many that between four and five thousand people thronged Superior St. Monday night to view the double attraction of the Eagle parade and the new street lights." From our Historical Notebook this week we present a postcard photo showing spectators lined up near the Eagles old headquarters at 410 ½ S. Superior St. ready to march to the new building on W. Center St. This photo is found on page 99 of my latest book "Albion (Postcards)," which is still available from yours truly. Give me a call at (517) 629-5402, or e-mail me at: Albionfp@hotmail.com as I have them ready to go.

Eagle Parade

We continue: "The throngs that were on the streets Monday night to watch the Eagle parade saw Superior St. much better lighted than ever before in the history of the city, for at dusk the new ornamental lighting system for the city’s main thoroughfare were turned on for the first time. The general opinion was that they were just what the city has needed for many years."

"The placing of the creosote block on the cemetery bridge was completed at 11 o’clock Wednesday morning, and the bridge placed in immediate use once more."

Week ending December 11, 1913: "Ducking Costs Them Dear. To be nearly drowned when one’s boat overturns in the middle of the lake at midnight is unfortunate enough, but to be arrested but a short time after the effects of the experience begin to wear off, on a charge of violating the state law by spearing on a lake, is the limit of hard luck, say Claude and Mark Rumsey, Roy Streeter and Elmer Dean. Their ducking occurred Wednesday night at Mont Calm Lake, and they were arraigned in Justice McCutcheon’s court Monday, where they were hailed on warrants issued at the complain of Game Warden Young. The four men, who are engaged in farming in this vicinity, plead guilty to the charge and were allowed to go upon the payment of $10 fine and $7.06 costs apiece."

"The Starr Commonwealth for Boys, Floyd Starr’s home at Mt. Calm Lake, filed articles of association with County Clerk Cady Tuesday and according to the papers as made out the Commonwealth will be for the maintenance and operation of a home for vagrant and friendless boys and for the instruction of such boys in various mechanical trades. The trustees or directors are: Rev. Edgar Armstrong, Ruth Bacon, Mollie L. Weed, Prof. Frederic S. Goodrich of Albion College, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Starr."

"L.C. Campbell, who was employed for some time in the Sung Barber Shop on W. Porter St., and also operated a watch repairing shop at that location for several months, has opened a jewelry store and repair shop in Parma."

Week ending December 31, 1913: "O. V. Eastman has moved is horses and part of his equipment into the new livery barn just constructed by him on Michigan Ave. just east of the Albion garage."

"Fred Wojnovich playfully tapped Peter Kedo over the head with a beer bottle Christmas day with such force that the bottle was splintered into fine pieces and Kedo’s face was a sight. The happening occurred at the foreign settlement. Kedo entered a warrant for Fred’s arrest and the latter was taken before Justice Watson, Friday. He plead guilty to assault and battery and was released upon the payment of a fine of $10 and costs of $7.50."

"Speros Andritsakes has just received a letter from his brother Chris, who left Albion some weeks ago for Athens, Greece. He expects to enter the Greek army January 1 and serve at least a year and a half before he can come back to this country."


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