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Albion 100 Years Ago - JANUARY 1914

Morning Star, December 29, 2013, pg. 13

Happy New Year, everyone! We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending January 8, 1914. "Albion Getting Too "Wide Open." Albion is getting a name about the state as a more or less wide open town said Mayor Charles H. Burnett Wednesday evening before the common council…What directly occasioned the mayor’s remarks was a recent disturbance in a local pool hall which runs a restaurant in connection…Sunday shows in Albion may receive their death blow also."

"The Russian Christmas is being observed by the members of that nationality in the local foreign settlement. About 150 men employed in the local factories laid off to celebrate for the two days, and feasting and merry-making are the order of the day in the homes of the former subjects of the Czar."

"Marengo Village is coming to the front. It is to have a band and already has a weekly paper. The paper is known as the Marengo Mirror. The band has been organized by the village blacksmith, Mr. Kenyon, and consists of 18 pieces. There are six Lake brothers in the organization."

"Seth Hyney has tendered his resignation as cashier of the Albion State Bank. He has been affiliated with Albion banking firms for nearly twenty years, and since 1909 has been cashier of the Albion State Bank."

Week ending January 15, 1914. "With happiness shining from her face and the light of love for all mankind emanating from her eyes that could not see, Helen Keller stood before a packed house at the Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday evening and told of her philosophy of life. Every seat in the big auditorium was occupied when Mrs. John Macy, Miss Keller’s teacher, was introduced by Dr. F. C. Demorest."

"Floyd Starr, head of the Starr Commonwealth, a school for boys at Mt. Calm Lake, spoke to the Boosters and Knockers Tuesday. Mr. Starr occupied all of the time after the lunch with his talk, much to the enlightenment of his audience. R. Starr has financed the project so far himself, and there remained no doubt in the minds of his hearers that his heart is in the work."

"Obituary. Reuben McWethy died in Albion January 12, 1914. In August 1862 he enlisted in Company B, 5th Michigan Cavalry. He participated in the battles of Gettysburg and others. Upon coming to this city he placed his membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church and in the local post of the Grand Army of the Republic."

Week ending January 22, 1914: "A marriage license has been issued to Wadinut Egantuk, age 20, and Tatio Dack, age 18 of Albion. The former is a native of Russia and the latter of Austria."

"Foreign Night School Started. The second meeting of the newly organized night school for the members of the local foreign colony which was established Monday night at the West Ward School, will occur tonight. Eight men enrolled in the class Monday and a much larger number is expected to come out tonight. Most of the men who have enrolled are ambitious to obtain their naturalization papers, and are especially anxious for the work in English."

"Receiver Frank L. Irwin and others will go to Leavenworth next week to see Henry Montgomery Dearing. It will be necessary for Irwin to secure Dearing’s deposition and the questions will be expressed to Leavenworth in advance."

"The Bijou Theatre was packed Monday afternoon during the showing of a series of films illustrating the making of wire fence. The exhibition was put on by O.H.Gale."

Week ending January 29, 1914: "Dearing Blamed for Man’s Death. Another awful result of the perfidy of Henry M. Dearing, the absconding cashier of the wrecked Albion National Bank, was revealed Saturday a.m. at 9:45 when the body of William Ristow, tailor, was found cold in death in his shop over the Dibble [NOTE: later the location of Wilking Office Supply; Ristow’s store was on the 2nd floor] clothing store, an empty carbolic acid bottle at his side testifying to the method of his death. Friends of the dead man say that H. M. Dearing is directly responsible…when the little humpbacked tailor lost something in the neighborhood of $900 of his savings. The loss of his money has been almost his sole topic of conversation and the last three or four days before his untimely end he is said to have literally raved over the subject...The acid bottle had pasted on it a label from the E. L. Moore drug store."

"Are You Going to Church Sunday? You had better start not to plan to go to church next Sunday, somewhere. For if you stay at home you may be lonesome, as there will be few in the neighborhood to keep you company. Sunday February 1 is national "everybody-go-to-church-Day" and if you have never been inside a church before this will be your opportunity…The seats in every one of the Albion churches are free."

"Lazo Verdala, the Austrian who fell down the stairs of his home in the foreign settlement New Year’s eve, breaking his neck, died at 10 o’clock Monday evening. He was 52 years old and leaves a wife and a family of several children in the fatherland. He has no relatives here.


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