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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY 1914

Morning Star, June 29, 2014, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending July 2, 1914: "The many friends of a former Albion boy, Donald R. Belcher, will be gratified to learn of an honor which has recently come to him. He has been elected to a position as an instructor in mathematics in Columbia University in New York City. Mr. Belcher is a graduate of Albion High School in the class of 1904."

"Notice to Fishermen. Recently I placed signs prohibiting fishing on six of the city bridges and all have been removed. I wish to warn fishermen there hereafter fishing from any of the city bridges is strictly prohibited and persons disregarding this notice will be subject to arrest. E. L. Winchell, City Marshal."

"The church-yard of St. James Episcopal Church was wired today for electric lights in anticipation of the celebration of the 4th there Saturday, in charge of the men of the church."

"Ministers’ sons are no good as husbands according to Mrs. Tena Wellman, who has obtained a divorce after telling that she had chosen one solely for the sake of getting a better brand of husband."

Week ending July 9. 1914. "Barton Soda, a foreigner, who gave his name to the officers as Buck Cozz, was arrested last night by Deputy Sheriff Mallory and Marshal Winchell at the old Eslow house on W. Erie St. and arraigned on the charge of running a disorderly house."

"William Nass of Detroit who was injured in the wreck Wednesday n Michigan Center, was on his way to Albion to visit his uncle, August Weishar of this city. Mr. Nass is in a very critical condition in the Jackson City Hospital. His skull is fractured and his body is a mass of bruises."

"Because Mrs. Tfsak Natola threw some boiling hot soup in his face as the final argument in the discussion that the two were having in Mrs. Natola’s house at 805 N. Albion St. Monday night, Katick Rogalski had her arrested. Rogalski who is a roomer at the home of Mrs. Natola, made some remark that failed to please his landlady with the result that he was made the target for a kettleful of soup right off from the stove. Mrs. Natola’s hearing was held Tuesday afternoon."

Week ending July 16, 1914. "Receiver Frank L. Irwin of the defunct Albion National Bank made an announcement Friday sure to be very welcome to a large number of Albion people, that another dividend of five percent is to be paid the depositors of the wrecked bank…Word has reached Albion that Henry M. and Palmer M. Dearing who are serving terms of five years each in the Federal prison at Leavenworth, Kansas, have applied for a parole and have been refused."

Week ending July 23, 1914: "The Henry Howard estate was practically closed up Monday when about $25,000 worth of property was sold at public auction in Marshall. The property was bought as follows: Dr. Meta Howard, the block on Superior St. occupied by Clark’s pool room, $7,000.

"Albion Boy Saves Lives of Showmen. A large crowd of people on their way to the circus Thursday evening witnessed a narrow escape from drowning that two circus employees had near the fairgrounds bridge [Haven Road]. A heroic rescue was made by William Van Etta, and Albion boy employed by the Eastern Michigan Power Company. He jumped in with all of his clothes on, and after a hard struggle, finally landed the two men with the aid of several of the bystanders."

"Municipal Bath House for Albion. A municipal bath house for Albion, or a safe swimming pool for the kids which ever you want to call it, is nearing a possibility…The committee discovered that just below the dam near the athletic field was a shallow pool that might be converted into a very desirable swimming hole for the young folks. Hannah St. narrows at that point to the bridge leaving a piece of ground east of the walk belonging to the city large enough to hold a small bath house." [NOTE: This became the "Dutchtown" swimming site which operated through 1957.].


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