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Albion 100 Years Ago - September 1914

Morning Star, September 7, 2014, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." Week ending September 3, 1914. "Traction Engine Goes Into River. The traction engine of William M. Sebastian went through the Albion St. bridge just after 11:00 o’clock this morning, and one man got his foot badly smashed while three others had narrow escapes from injury or drowning. The injured man in Robert Nelson. The engine was traveling north and had just gotten nicely out upon the south end of the bridge when the structure went down, without a bit of warning. All of the engine but one wheel is covered by the water. It is thought that it was the steel work, rather than the wooden girders, that first gave way." From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of that traction engine in the water on the collapsed old N. Albion St. bridge.

1914 Collapse of the old N. Albion St. bridge

"Under Sheriff Mallory went to Jackson Tuesday and brought back John Romatoniski, a member of the foreign settlement wanted on a charge of using indecent language."

"The remains of Robert Grundeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Grundeman of south of this city, who was killed in the automobile accident in Collinsville, IL Sunday, were brought to Albion this afternoon by Ernest Grundeman. The funeral will probably occur sometime tomorrow."

"20,000 March in G.A.R. Parade. Detroit. Once more those left of the might army of ’61 have renewed the traditions which have made the G.A.R. stand first in the thoughts of the country…A column of 20,000 marched again in Detroit yesterday in symbol of the patriotism which led them to the front….Came then the figure on whom all eyes rested with respect. On a strapping prancing horse Commander-in-Chief Washington Gardner, his black hat in hand and his snowy hair glistening in the sunlight, was a picture of beautiful old age as he rode ahead of his staff."

"Foreign Colony to have Church. The people of the local foreign settlement or those of them that are members of the Greek Catholic Church will soon have a place of worship situated in the heart of the colony, according to an announcement made today. The site for the building has been donated by the real estate firm of Culver & McCutcheon. It is located at the northwest corner of Austin Ave and State St.., the latter thoroughfare being one of the streets of the recently opened subdivision of Pinecrest. As soon as the church is finished the local parish will be the only one of the Russian Orthodox faith in this part of Michigan, there being no church representing that sect in either Jackson, Marshall, Battle Creek, or Kalamazoo. Rev. Salter, who is no pastor of a similar church in Detroit, will move here as soon as the new buildings are built."

Week ending September 10, 1914: "The Homestead Building and Loan Association received word Friday from Washington to the effect that the government had accepted the deed for the new post office site at the corner of Michigan Ave. and Superior St. and that a government representative would be sent to Albion some time this week to pay over the purchase price to the Association."

Week ending September 17, 1914: "John Mingo, Albion’s only Indian resident is in very serious condition it is said at his house on W. Cass St."

"Floyd Raynor, a house-mover, was arrested east of the city Friday by Under Sheriff Mallory for attempting to move a house without furnishing a bond or procuring a license from the city. The building he was moving was the house that formerly stood at the corner of Hannah & Michigan Ave., and which had been abandoned near the city sandpit on Clark St."

Week ending September 24, 1914: "Albion Germans to Meet Again. The committee appointed at the recent meeting of the Germans and German sympathizers of the city, to canvass for funds for Red Cross work in the German army, today announced a second mass-meeting to occur Wednesday evening of next week t the Opera House. The affair will be presided over by Dr. Frederick Lutz, and among the speakers will be Prof. Johannes Zedler, Rev. Spiegel and Rev. Pipenbrok, the latter two being the pastors of the two German churches."

"Anna Aeskowak, aged two months, died at the home of her parents in House No. 11 in the foreign settlement Sunday. The funeral services occurred at St. John’s Church, with burial in Riverside."


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