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Albion 100 Years Ago - March 1915

Morning Star, March 1, 2015, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending March 4, 1915: "Gas Company is Convicted. The case of the city of Albion vs. the Albion Gas Light Company, to test out the city’s ordinance requiring coke sellers to house their fuel in proper sheds, was heard today before Justice A. L. McCutcheon, who decided the case in favor of the city."

"The foremen and assistant foremen of the Albion Malleable Iron Company held their first banquet at the Hotel Albion Friday evening…Lee Boyd spoke on the growth of the Malleable plant and the exceptional ability required to handle the foreign labor employees…In spite of the criticism sometimes offered as to the foreign labor, it must be admitted that this company has been largely responsible for the business prosperity of Albion when the other factories were closed."

"Roswell F. Davis, aged 74 years, a well known retired business man of this city, died very suddenly at his home, 700 S. Superior St. Sunday evening at 7:30…Soon after his return to Michigan after his army service Mr. Davis came to Albion and engaged in the bakery business. His establishment was located at the corner of Center and Superior Sts. in the building now occupied by Robert Coscarelli…Mr. Davis was known among croquet players all over the state. He owned one of the best croquet courts in Michigan."

"Organization of a People’s (Unitarian) Society in Devereaux." The Society was organized at Devereaux, six miles northeast of this city. Meetings have been held at the hall since early fall of 1914. Twenty-five members have already enrolled."

"Joseph Marquis has purchased the pool and lunch room of C. I Dell, in the new Hurley block corner of Michigan and Superior Sts. Mr. Marquis recently completed a term of ten years’ service as a conductor for the M.U.T. having been with the traction people since the old Jackson-Battle Creek Company was formed. Mr. Dell is undecided about his future plans, he stated today."

"City Council Minutes. Curfew Ordinance Petitioned For. A lengthy petition signed by probably six hundred people, was presented asking for the passage of a local curfew law, in view of what the petition called the increasing immorality among the young folks of the city. It was asked that children under 16 years of gage be prohibited from being on the streets of the city…any later than the hour of 9 pm. A petition signed by E. J. Knapp and others, asking that the city provide a motorcycle cop to control traffic conditions and prevent speeding and kindred evils, was received but no action was taken."

"Park Commission Likes Dickie Site. The park commission has always held that the Dickie property is as fine a site for a park as a city like Albion will ever be able to obtain. On the flat ground below the hill is plenty of space for baseball, football, tennis and croquet grounds and no better location for a swimming pool could be found anywhere than in the river at this point. The park would make an ideal playground for the children. Entrance could be easily arranged from Haven and Hannah Sts." [Note, today this is Victory Park]

Week ending March 18, 1915: "Death Comes to Dr. O’Donoughue. Dr. Willoughby O’Donoughue, who was president of the Albion National Bank at the time the local financial institution went to the wall January 2, 1912, passed away at his home, 514 E. Erie St."

Week ending March 25, 1915: "Willard R. Noyes received his omission as postmaster of Albion today. The document is signed by President Woodrow Wilson and Postmaster general Hurleson. Mr. Noyes stated today that he would resign his position as city clerk at once, so that the resignation may be acted upon at the next meeting of the common council."

"A large number of people attended the reception at the Baptist Church last evening, in honor of the new pastor, Rev. W. E. Wight and his wife and daughter, Miss Claire Wight of Kalamazoo. Refreshments of punch and wafers were served."


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