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Albion 100 Years Ago - MAY 1915

Morning Star, May 10, 2015, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending May 6, 1915: "Edwin Courtright of Springport, arrested on charges of sending threatening letters, has been released at Charlotte. An investigation showed the offense was not committed in Eaton County."

"Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Starr who were in the city Friday morning from the Starr Commonwealth at Mont Calm Lake, stated that the work on the new cottage for the commonwealth will probably be started this week. An office for Mr. Starr is now being added to the present cottage."

"Mrs. Mary Jasynski secured a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. Julia Kaziniski, Friday, and the latter was arraigned before Justice McCutcheon Saturday evening. The charge was slander, the complainant averring that the defendant had used a vile name in speaking of her before others at the foreign colony. The prisoner pleaded guilty and was dismissed upon the payment of a fine of $1 and costs."

"Collie Mallard of Albion, charged with the attempted murder o Miss Olive Swart in this city February 3, by trying to force carbolic acid down her throat during a lover’s quarrel, stood mute when arraigned before Judge North in the circuit court Monday."

Efforts to locate the relatives of John Siemmons, the old soldier who was found dead Thursday at his home near Winnipeg Lake, have been fruitless and the body was buried at the expense of the government."

Week ending May 13, 1915: "New Land Company Formed in Albion. Articles of incorporation have been filed at Lansing by the Albion-Blair-Cooley-Darrow Land Company. The incorporators are Homer C. Blair, Wilson Cooley, and Frank H. Darrow, and their company is capitalized at $10,000."

"Hotel Albion Changes Hands. The deal which has been pending for several days was the transfer of the Hotel Albion was closed Thursday afternoon, and through the transaction, Mr. and Mrs. George T. Finnell, of Chicago, become the new leases, succeeding L. S. Pearson. The owner of the hotel building, C. A. Beardsley, was here from Detroit and took part in the negotiations which resulted in the change of management."

"Historic Hotel Being Torn Down. One of Albion’s most historic buildings, is being torn down. It is the Van Atta Hotel on W. Michigan Avenue, and its removal has become necessary to make room for the new post office building which will be erected at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Superior St. The ancient hostelry was built in 1840 by a man named Enos Dutton."

Week ending May 20, 1915: "The common council, at its meeting Wednesday evening, placed the matter of the repairing of the new pavement on Superior St. in the hands of the street and bridge committee, with the understanding that the work of fixing up the pavement be started at once. This is good news to people who have occasion to travel over the hills and valleys of the present pavement in the downtown section."

"New Building is Being Erected. Albion Garage Sales Agency starts work on a Brick Structure at Corner of Superior St. and Michigan Avenue. The new structure, which will consist of two stories, will go up on the site purchased not long ago by the sales agency from C. C. Blakeley."

Week ending May 27, 1915: "Weston Brothers, the local contractors who have charge of the remodeling of the former Slade store in the Sheldon building, which is to become a moving-picture theatre under the management of C. A. Fiske, have started the work. A twenty-five foot extension will be built on the east end of the building which will allow for a much larger seating capacity than any of the present local picture houses."

"The shake-up in the rural delivery service in the county has affected Homer, and Sam P. Aldrich is the one marked for the slaughter over there. Mr. Aldrich was one of the first carriers out of Homer and his forced retirement is unaccountable to his many friends as he has been one of the most satisfactory as well as oldest carriers on the force."


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