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Albion 100 Years Ago - JUNE 1916

Morning Star, June 5, 2016, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years ago." Week ending June 1, 1916. "Bigger Quarters for State Bank. The Albion State Bank will be housed in much better and more commodious quarters in the near future as the result of a project to be put into immediate operation where the bank takes over the store just north of its location on S. Superior St. The partition between the present banking rooms and this store, which is now occupied by a shoe-shining parlor, will be removed, giving the bank practically twice as much room as at present."

"Floyd Starr, head of the Starr Commonwealth, is naturally very indignant at a report which appeared in Friday evening’s Jackson paper to the effect that a boy from the Starr home stole a bunch of keys and some money from one of the local school buildings and skipped out to Jackson. The boy in question was from the local foreign settlement and Mr. Starr stated emphatically that it was not one of his seventeen charges."

"Chief of Police Greening brought Stanley Pitkicz, the 10-year old Russian boy who broke into the Austin School Thursday night and stole a bunch of keys and $3.31 in money, back from Hague Park, near Jackson, Friday afternoon…Stanley admitted taking the money from the school building and Superintendent McKone has taken the matter up with the county authorities in an effort to have the boy sent to the industrial school at Lansing as he has proved several times that he is an incorrigible."

Week ending June 8, 1916: "Albion Boy Graduates from West Point Academy. Captain Dean Hudnutt is from Albion and is a brother of Arthur C. Hudnutt of this city. Cadet Dean Hudnutt is 25 years old and was appointed to West Point from the Second Congressional district in June, 1912."

Week ending June 15, 1916: "The Albion Bolt Company, incorporated for $10,000, filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of State at Lansing Saturday. The company will manufacture nuts and bolts for automobiles and at present will occupy quarters at the Hayes Wheel plant in this city."

"Two Albion homes were entered by burglars early Monday morning but the thieves failed to get away with very much loot, although they made good their escape. About 3 o’clock Monday morning three men broke into the home of Ernest Kabel through a cellar window at 807 N. Eaton St., and succeeded in getting a gold watch, fifty cents in money and a gold ring, without awakening any members of the family."

"Creamery Burns, Plant of Maple City Dairy Co. Destroyed. A $5,000 loss occurred Monday night when the creamery in this city owned by the Maple City Dairy Company was almost completely destroyed by fire, the origin of which is unknown. The only theory in regard to the fire’s origin is that it started from electric wiring."

City Manager Remley said Saturday that he had arranged with J. C. Eslow for the use of vacant property lying between the shoe-shop of James Douglas and the old Mirror building on Center St., for the installation of hot-beds in which the city will raise all the plants to be used in the municipal parks."

Week ending June 22, 1916. "The new Russian Orthodox Church in this city, which is practically completed at the corner of Austin Avenue and State Street in the foreign settlement, will receive the financial aid of the people of the city through a campaign which will be started tomorrow. Quite an amount remains to be raised before the church, which is about finished except for its interior details, can be wholly paid for and the church organization can commence its real work."

"Eagles Win Prize in Jackson Parade. With 83 men marching in the monster parade held in Jackson yesterday in connection with the state convention of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Albion Aerie No. 1265 captured first honors and incidentally a cash prize of $20 for having a larger percentage of its membership in line than any one of the many other lodges of the state."

"President C. D. Sabin of Homer says that the village council is finding the project of removing the bodies left in the old village cemetery, which it is designed to convert into a public part, beset with much difficulty. The cemetery has been abandoned for forty years and has been since neglected to the extent that it is an eyesore and stands in the way of growth of the village."

Week ending June 29, 1916: "General Beadle to be Buried Here. Word has been received that the body of the late William Henry Harrison Beadle will arrive in Albion Friday for burial in Riverside Cemetery. General Beadle died in Palo Alto, California last spring, and the remains were placed temporarily a receiving vault there."


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