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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1917

Morning Star, February 26, 2017, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." March 1, 1917. "A church for the use of the colored residents of the city is to be built at the southeast corner of Cass and Culver streets, and the task of excavating was started today. O. J. Teller will erect the structure and expects to have it ready for occupancy in a couple or three months. The church will be of the Baptist denomination and will have several hundred charter members."

March 3, 1917: "Edwin M. Mounteer Saturday sold his residence property on Irwin Avenue to M. H. Murray, who expects to move there within the next two weeks."

March 8, 1917: "Russian Thought to Be Suicide. Gregori Woitowich, age 30 years, a Russian, had his legs cut off by a Michigan Central freight train yesterday afternoon…The dead man, who leaves a brother in this city, had been here about seven years, most of the time being employed at the Malleable Iron works…It was expected that Woitowich’s funeral would be held this afternoon from the Russian Orthodox church of which he was a member."

"The Wolverine Coal Mining Company has received permission to bring a locomotive to be used on the sidetrack from the Albion mine to the New York Central, to this city from Port Huron on its own steam. The engine was expected today. After it is put into commission, the company will start shipping out their coal in carload lots and it is expected that the sale of the fuel in wagon lots at the mine will be greatly curtailed."

March 13, 1917: "Big Elevator is to be Moved Soon. A gigantic piece of structural moving the transporting in its entirety the old brick elevator on the east side of S. Superior St. to foundations already built for it, will be started in the near future."

March 22, 1917: The job of erecting the new building for the occupancy of the city offices was started today by the contractor, Fred W. Schumacher who expects to have the building all ready for occupancy within the next two months. It will not only occupy the present city jail site but will extend to the west across the private alley between the jail and the store of William Crosier…The building will be one story in height and will give the various city officials plenty of room for their offices."

"March 27, 1917: "Lynn Hunt Work in Dupont Book. Lynn Bogue Hunt, the famous New York bird and animal painter and former resident of this city, has done some of the best work of his career in a little volume entitled "Important American Game Birds,"put out for distribution by the E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company, the well-known ammunition manufacturer of Wilmington, Delaware and compiled by Edward Howe Forbush. Mr. Hunt who is a brother of Mrs. Minard F. Farley of this city of also of George H. Hunt of Jackson and a former Albion High School [NOTE: Class of 1897] and College student has furnished twenty-four bird group pictures for the booklet, all of them reproduced in the original colors which are beautifully true to life and ornithologically correct."


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