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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY 1917

Morning Star, July 2, 2017, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." July 3, 1917: "A speckled trout which measured 8 inches in length was caught by a boy named Austin Eckmeyer who was fishing below the dam at Dutchtown this morning."

"The fire department was called to House No. 21 at the Malleable Iron settlement last night at 11:55 p. An overheated cook stove had ignited the woodwork of a lean-to at the rear of the house and the fire spread through the whole rear and the west side of the house."

July 5: "Colored Organization Installs. At a meeting in the Cass St. colored church this evening, the Albion branch of the Young Men’s Business League will install the officers. The officers to be installed are: president Robert Evans; Vice-president Charles Lewis, secretary Job Robinson, assistant-secretary James Leggett, Jr., Auditor Booker Leggett, Chaplain James Leggett, Sr."

"H.H. Sheldon announced today much to the surprise of his many friends, the sale of his drug business to Arthur Smith, formerly an Albion boy, but a present located in Detroit. Mr. Smith is very well known in Albion having been employed in the drug business with both H. C. Blair and L. C. VanGorden. He is a graduate from the local high school and was very popular with the young people of the city while here."

"Wolverine Troop No. 2 of the Boy Scouts went to North Adams yesterday and gave an exhibition at the 4th of July celebration at that place. About 20 boys under the supervision of Scoutmaster Pattison made the trip."

July 20: 178 Albion Men to be Called in Draft. This draft district which means all of Calhoun County outside of Battle Creek, will be asked to furnish a quota of 281 men…On the whole, the men whose numbers were first drawn and who will therefore have to report for duty, expressed themselves as entirely willing to do so…The Recorder staff was hit hard by the draft. Every man of draft age but one being among the "lucky" ones, including Mark H. Fall, Harry Hobus, David Adams and Owen Emmons. John Pasnk, a laborer in one of the factories, who had the first number drawn, 258, in this city, was on the street in the afternoon, Friday. Pasnk cannot talk English very well, but to all his friends who joshed him about being drafted he was able to say, "I go," accompanying his statement with a broad grin." The wife of one young man fainted it is said, when she learned the news of the drafting of her husband."

July 25: A small band of gypsies passed through the city early today who had kept pace with the progress of the age and were traveling by automobile."

"The fire department was called to the home of a colored family at 113 Culver St. at 6:30 pm yesterday. The roof of the house had caught fire from the chimney."

"August Arndt, who has been building a garage for the Behling Bros. at Concord, was the victim of an accident yesterday by having his arm seriously cut in a cement mixer."

"Marengo Highway Well Under Way. R. W. and F.R. Stoddard of the Stoddard Construction Co. of Grand Rapids, builders of the six miles of brick lake-to-lake highway in Marengo state that work is progressing and they expect to finish their contract before December 1. The company has 88 carloads of paving brick distributed over a two-mile territory along the rout of the highway. Each car will average 10,000 bricks, some having as many as 12,000. This means over 880,000 bricks are now distributed along the line."

July 28: "Italian Suspects Are Arrested Here. Three Italians are under arrest in this city, suspected of having a part in the murder of a city detective and the wounding of two others in Detroit Tuesday. One of them has been a resident to Albion for some time, his rooming place being at the corner of Chestnut and William St."

August 1, 1917 obituary: Charles H. Osborn [died July 25] was born in 1865…and graduated from Albion High School in 1885…He commenced work in the hardware store of Austin & Smith, then worked in Dean’s hardware store four years. In 1900 he started a bicycle store and went into business for himself at 405 S. Superior St. Later he added a line of automobiles."

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