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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 1918

Morning Star, October 28, 2018, pg. 6

November 6, 1918: About 1,100 Albion voters turned out to the polls Tuesday and re-elected Mayor Hoaglin by a margin of 101 votes.

November 7, 1918: NOTE: [False Armistice Day] "Albion Celebrates for First Time. At last Albion celebrated. Rumors that the Germans had signed an armistice were all over the country last night and this morning but could not be verified. The official confirmation came to the Recorder office shortly after noon today, through a special United Press wire. Mayor Hoaglin was notified and on the word of honor of the entire Recorder force being pledged for the truth of the statement, he omitted a whoop and ordered out the fire truck, which raced around the streets with bell clanging and sirens sounding. Factory whistles blew, church bell sang and automobile horns added to the din. Small boys on bicycles dragged cans along the pavement. Before the celebration had been long in progress the S.A.T.C. in full force headed by its band and led by its officers marched downtown."From our Historical Notebook this week we present the front-page headline of the Albion Recorder of November 7, 1918.

Albion Recorder Nov 7, 1918 Headline

November 11, 1918: "Fighting Stops, War Over. Armistice signed at 5 o’clock this morning, Paris time. After three days of expectancy, Albion people received the good news early this morning. With the rehearsal of Thursday still fresh in mind, the city immediately got into action preparing for an impromptu carnival of celebration at three in the afternoon. The business section promptly bloomed out in flags. Schools, factories and stores will all close, and the S.A.T.C. promised to be out in full force. The Italians and Russians notified the mayor that they would march in a body and the Cement Casket Co. called up to say that it would have the Kaiser properly prepared for his part in the big doings."

November 14, 1918: "There is a feeling of unrest among the employees at the Albion Coal mine which according to the local fuel administrator, O. H. Gale, seems to be a continuance of the trouble last winter over the 10˘ raise granted under the Washington agreement."

November 18, 1918: "Ten quarts of good whisky were confiscated early yesterday morning by the local police authorities in another of the big booze hauls for which the Albion officers are becoming noted. At shortly before 2 o’clock they made their way into the sample room rented by an Albion man and located at the rear of the Hotel Albion. Here the stored liquor was discovered and taken over by the officers."

November 20, 1918: "There is going to be a gib time soon in one of the homes of Albion’s colored settlement if the signs all point right. Yesterday the local express office received a box from Alabama, slatted on one side, and curious investigators upon peering within, discovered one real for-sure-enough live possum. Notice of its arrival was immediately sent to the given address, but up to noon today it had not been called for."

"The local influenza situation is gradually growing worse, according to the statement of Health Officer Hafford this morning. A large number of the school children are developing the disease and in the Dalrymple School the number of pupils absent because of the flu is running from 17 to 24 from a room."

November 21, 1918: Union Meeting of Boy Scouts. Troop No. 1 was happily surprised when they were paid an unexpected visit by troop No. 2 Wednesday evening at the Methodist Church. This gathering was the making of a great brotherhood among the Boy Scouts of Albion. William N. Viola, Scoutmaster, Troop No. 1."

"Sam Vitale, of the Rapid Shoe Shop, returned last evening from Pittsburgh, where he was called by the death of his sister. She is survived by her husband and three children. One of the children, a 10-year old boy, returned with Mr. Vitale to Albion and will make his home here."

November 23, 1918. "Schools Closed at Noon Today. In an effort to prevent a second serious outbreak of influenza, Health Officer Hafford ordered the public schools to close today for the period of a week, and longer if necessary, to break up the epidemic."

November 27, 1918. "Albion Will Give Heartfelt Thanks. All Churches to Have Special Services, and Business Will be Suspended for the Day. Albion today was busy preparing for practically the greatest Thanksgiving Day in its history."

November 29, 1918: "Another Epidemic Threatening City. For the second time Albion is in the grip of an influenza epidemic which may necessitate the placing of the quarantine ban, on all public gatherings again.


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