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Albion 100 Years Ago - DECEMBER 1918

Morning Star, December 2, 2018, pg. 7

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." December 2, 1918. "Mr. Clyde G. Trine and Mrs. Minnie M. Core were united in marriage at the Presbyterian manse Saturday evening." "The annual reunion of the Ott family was held on Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Ott."

December 3, 1918: "The negro problem will be discussed in the assembly room on the third floor of the old Commercial & Savings Bank building, corner Erie and Superior, Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, by Rev. R. A. Adams of Kansas City. Rev. Adams is a brilliant speaker who has made a study of his race."

December 6, 1918. "Final Review of S.A.T.C. Saturday. Albion's last opportunity to see the entire local S.A.T.C. unit together will be given tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock when a final review will be held on the campus. The first exodus from the College unit will occur Saturday afternoon when 150 men will be mustered out."

December 7, 1918: "Homer's influenza problem is assuming most alarming proportions. Nearly 50 cases are reported and the village has only one physician."

December 9, 1918: "Mrs. William Knack and two sons, Wilbur and Carlton, are ill with the flu at their home on W. Cass St. Both lads are carriers on the Recorder force. The flu has hit the Recorder office. The casualty list includes H. Eslow, Miss Louise Schumacher, Miss Audrey Wilder, and Richard Baldwin."

December 11, 1918: "After seven years'litigation, the estate of Henry Howard, late of Albion, was closed Monday in probate court. The original inventory of the estate was about $42,000 but some $5,000 has been expended in defending and maintaining suits, both in the probate and circuit courts, the most litigious member of the family being Dr. Meta Howard, one of the daughters, who has consistently fought the administrators from the beginning."

December 12, 1918, Headline: "Albion to End Influenza Reign. Quarantine of Cases and a Ban on All Public Gatherings, Will, It is Believed, Bring Epidemic to an End."

Notice from the Board of Health: "At a meeting of the Albion Board of Health the following resolution was offered and adopted: Resolved, that all churches, and every organization connected with them, Albion College, Public Schools, Pool rooms, moving picture theaters, lodges, clubs, societies, and all social functions and meetings and gatherings of all descriptions be closed until further notice. All chairs and tables to be eliminated in pool rooms, soft drink, and ice cream parlors. No chairs to be permitted in any place of business. All restaurants to eliminate every other table in their place of business. Children are to be excluded from the downtown district."

December 16, 1918: "Brigham Family Almost Wiped out. Four people killed instantly, one still unconscious and a sixth still dazed from the shock, is the toll of an accident which occurred Sunday when the machine driven by Jesse Brigham was struck at the east Knowle's crossing by the [Interurban] car which leaves Albion at 12:22. The dead are Jesse Brigham and wife, their eight-year-old daughter Medre, and their two-year-old daughter Margaret."

December 17, 1918: "Corporal Lester Seekell, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Seekell, 110 S. Pearl St., is the first Albion soldier from overseas to be returned to civilian life. Corporal Seekell literally bounced into Albion last evening, so full of vitality and exuberance over getting his discharge that he was only touching the ground here and there."

Obituary: "Ferdinand Stinekraus was born in Germany September 7, 1844 and at the age of 17 came to this country with his parents who settled on a farm north of Albion. He enlisted in the Civil War in 1862 and served until he received his honorable discharge at the end of the War."

December 19, 1918: "Deputy Sheriff George U. McCarty and Chief of Police F. J. Hubbard have broken up an alleged gambling joint of colored people on the corner of Williams and Albion streets."

"Floyd Sowers, of Eckford, who has been drawing hay to Albion brought in 3100 pounds on one load Tuesday. The Irwin Avenue road was so bad Monday that he decided to time his trip Tuesday, and found it took him just one hour to travel from the city limits to the pavement. At that, he came near losing his load several times."

December 20, 1918: "Influenza Ban Lifted Today."

December 28, 1918: "The meat market of Thomas Slavoff, 620 Austin Avenue, was badly scorched by fire this morning soon after 8:30 o'clock. The damage will probably be around $1,500. Mr. Slavoff has full insurance."

December 30, 1918: "One of the Osmun & Rutz milk wagon teams pulled an exciting runaway this morning on Irwin avenue. The whiffletrees broke in some way and the pole dropped to the ground , allowing the team to break away from the wagon. The harness was badly damaged. The team ran west quite a distance."

"Nichole Budko, 26 Albion St., received word last night that Private Fred Budko had made the supreme sacrifice in France. A telegram from the War Department states that he died November 10 of wounds received in action."


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