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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY 1919

Morning Star, June 30, 2019, pg. 3

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We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." July 7, 1919. "Joseph Marquis has sold his café, billiard and pool rooms to C. L. Farwell, formerly of Marshall. He has been employed by Mr. Marquis for some time."

"The Michigan Central depot was a busy place this morning just before the departure of the train south at 10:25. About 35 Boy Scouts of Troop 1 in full regalia, with army blankets, kit bags, sweaters and other impedimentia left for a week’s camp at Pleasant Ridge near Quincy."

July 8, 1919. "The building on the east side of Superior St., formerly occupied by the Midway, recently purchased by George Dean, is now undergoing extensive repairs and will be occupied soon by Chicago parties who will conduct a Federal System bakery. The equipment will be supplied by the Union Steel Screen Co, manufacturers of bakery equipment. The baking will be done in the windows in rotary ovens, driven by electricity and heated by gas."

"The Tawanka Camp Fire Girls will meet in the lobby of the Censor Theatre at 9:20 Wednesday evening. Each girl please bring her lunch."

July 9, 1919. "Earl Caines has laid the foundation for a seven-room house at the corner of Hannah and Erie Sts. for Carl T. Hatch of the Union Steel Products Co."

July 10, 1919. Albion is to celebrate the return of her soldiers Thursday, August 7 it was decided today at a meeting called by Mayor Hoaglin, with a big "homecoming." The plans are to make this the biggest day in the history of Albion, at which the boys from the service will be the guests of honor."

July 15, 1919. Max Hendrichs, 18-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hendrichs, 918 Austin Avenue, was struck by a west bound interurban car at 6:30 this morning and now lies in the city hospital with a broken leg and other injuries to the extent of which has not yet been determined."

"Judge Porter of Marshall officiated at two [black] weddings this morning. The couples married were William P. Ellir of Detroit, and Miss Ethel E. Moore, of Albion; and Jackson Kercheval and Miss Virginia Seitner, both of Albion."

"Albion people have considerable interest in the fact that at Ithaca, N.Y. the site of Cornell University, a statue has just been erected to the memory of Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University, now one of the greatest in the world. Ezra Cornell was a man of remarkable personality. He often visited in Albion back in the ‘0s and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Cornell spent their declining years here and now rest in Riverside Cemetery."

City Hospital Notes. Thomas Johnson, colored, living at the corner of W. Erie and S. Eaton Sts. was operated upon at the hospital this morning for the removal of tonsils." July 16, 1919; "Corporal Harold Gregory who has been with the A.E.F. in Russia has sent word to his sister, Miss Avron Gregory that he would pass through Albion tonight on his way to Camp Custer where he expects to receive his discharge tomorrow."

July 18, 1919: Bessie E. Beilfuss of Albion, began suit for divorce yesterday…The bill of complaint sets up that "one of the causes for cruel treatment is because the defendant and his parents are strongly pro-German." The bill alleges the plaintiff’s relatives are strongly anti-German. It sets up that an effort has been made to influence her parents to be pro-German and she was grossly abused because she did not and could not convert her people to pro-Germanism."

"A shooting affair which may have serious results occurred last evening when Solon J. Williams was shot through the back while he was sitting on the porch at his home at King’s corners, about five miles south of Albion."

July 19, 1919: "Mrs. Nellie Williams, charged with attempting to murder her husband, Solon J. Williams, has been unable to secure the bail of $2,500 set by Justice Miller of Marshall, before whom she had her hearing. She is confined in the Marshall jail."

Headline: "Ralph Wilson is Electrocuted. Workman at Consumer’s Power Co. Gets 10,000 Volts of Current in Accident This Afternoon. May Die."

July 21, 1919: "Arthur Pyle was arrested Saturday night for speeding on Austin Avenue and was fined $10 and costs in Justice Watson’s court. Young Pyle and seven of his boy friends were driving their car at the rate of 30 miles an hour on that much traveled thorough-fare."

"Will Establish Ice Making Plant. A long felt want in Albion is about to be filled. The city is to have a plant for manufacturing ice. O. V. Eastman and Frank Stevens are making plans to install such a plant in the block owned by Mr. Eastman at 120 Michigan Avenue just east of the Albion Hotel, which has for so many years has been used as a livery barn."

July 23, 1919; The Concord Roller Mill, one of the landmarks of Jackson County, was completely destroyed by fire which started last evening at 7:30. The historic structure, built 72 years ago, was owned by Abram K. Tucker who will suffer a loss of over $30,000."

July 28, 1919. "Attempted Hold-Up Sunday Night. Last night as Louis Pappas, proprietor of the Sugar Bowl, was returning to his apartment in the Blakeley flats about midnight, when he was accosted by two masked men near the Wiselogel shoe repair shop on Center St. Mr. Pappas knew the nature of their business and lost no time in beating them to it. He threw one of the men to the ground, whereupon the other struck him over the head with some sort of a billy which while it didn’t prove a knock-out blow, stunned Mr. Pappas enough so that he fell. He called for help and the two highwaymen took to their heels."


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