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Albion 100 Years Ago - AUGUST 1919

Morning Star, July 28, 2019, pg. 8

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." August 1, 1919: "Fred Wolke, Joe Ward and Welch Powers were picked up near the coal mine yesterday in a state of intoxication said to have been caused by drinking denatured alcohol."

August 2, 1919: The newly formed Parma Co-operative Elevator Company, with $13,000 capital stock, filed articles in the county clerk’s office at Jackson Friday. "The new company will do business at Parma and is incorporated for a period of 30 years." "Finley Field on Irwin Avenue has been chosen as the place for the starting and landing of the three government bi-planes that will be here for the big Victory Day. The field will be policed during the starts and g so that no accidents may happen."

August 5, 1919. "In harmony with the plan to make Victory Day a local holiday in the city, with an almost complete cessation of business in order that due and fitting tribute may be paid our boys in the services, the Recorder wishes to announce that no issue will be published on Thursday."

"Mark H. Fall, who returned in June from seventeen months service with the Army in France, today resumed his place as city editor of the Recorder." "The Mayor's Request to the People of Albion and Vicinity. Thursday August 7 will be Victory Day for Albion, and I earnestly request that all business be suspended at 10 am, the balance of the day being dedicated to our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines. E. Floyd Hoaglin, Mayor."

August 6, 1919. Headlines: "Welcome to Every Man in the Service. Victory Day Program Ready for the Crowds. Big Parade Will be Feature of the Morning. Airplanes and Athletics in the Afternoon. Evening Fireworks at the Alumni Athletic Field." "All soldiers and sailors no matter whether they served at home or overseas, are asked to be at the Eagle Temple promptly at 10 o’clock. After the parade all will return to the Temple for the dinner."

August 8, 1919. "Albion’s Victory Day, the welcome home and the tribute of pride, respect and affection by this entire community to its soldiers, sailors and marines has passed into history. It was a time never to be forgotten."

August 11, 1919. "1,850 in currency was stolen from House No. 6 in the Foreign Settlement sometime this morning, and officers were expecting to arrest the guilty parties at the time that the Recorder went to press."

August 14, 1919. "Huron St. is Not to be Closed. At last evening’s regular meeting of the City Council, Mayor Hoaglin announced that Huron St., would not be closed at the request of the Union Steel Products Company. The question of closing up the north end of the street had aroused much antagonism, not only from residents of Huron, Maple and other streets in that vicinity, but from people from all over the city."

August 15, 1919. "H. Glenn Greening, former Chief of Police was the victim of an accident which destroyed the sight of one eye at the Albion Bolt Works last night about 10 o’clock."


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