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Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 1919

Morning Star, November 17, 2019, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." November 1, 1919: First committing the crime of entering a building at night, a lawless gang of worse than rowdies last night made entrance into the Albion College library and deliberately despoiled about 20,000 volumes by ransacking the entire upper floor in utter wantonness clearing shelves of all books and throwing into huge piles. The act of vandalism is one of the worst ever committed in Albion."

November 4, 1919: "Louis E. Stewart, Battle Creek attorney, Albion College graduate, son-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Dickie of this city, and former local resident was killed in a collision occurring at 11:58 this morning between an automobile and an interurban car at Level Park, 4 miles west of Battle Creek."

"Mrs. Stella Szyozka of Albion, was released from the county jail yesterday afternoon. Friends went over from Albion and paid the $400 fine and costs assessed against her husband by Judge North last Monday. She was detained until her fine and costs were paid. She pleaded guilty to violating the prohibition law."

"Mrs. Ethel Fowler, who has been teaching at Jackson, has taken a position as teacher of the 6th grade in the Albion schools."

"Mrs. E. L. Beebe and son Ralph, Perry St, returned yesterday from a few days' visit at the home of the former's son, Austin Beebe, at Highland Park."

November 5, 1919. "That it will take 5 years for the Albion schools to catch up the real educational loss suffered because of the influenza epidemics last year and involve a lost of over $10,000 in retarded pupils was the startling statement made by Superintendent Don Harrington before a well-attended meeting of the Central Parent-Teachers Association at the high school last evening."

November 8, 1919: "One of the Bloomquist brothers, rooming at the home of Mrs. W. B. Gildart, W. Porter St., had 15 dollars stolen Thursday evening when the residence was burglarized."

November 9, 1919. "In a raid on three local residences last evening, Federal officers [and others] made the arrest of five Russians thought to be members of the Bolshevistic organization known as the Russian Worker's Union. About half a trunkful of "Red" literature, some of which is said to be very much on the I.W.W. order, was confiscated by the officers and will be used by the Department of Justice as evidence. Arrested were Mike and Alex Zaremba, Tony Kulinich, Peter Maloxht, and Sam Markovich."

November 10, 1919: "The question as to who entered and robbed three Albion residences Friday night and several businesses places Saturday night was solved about 8 o'clock Sunday night when a 14-year-old colored lad was found in Tifft's store on W Porter St. in the act of robbing the place….The grocery at the corner of Albion St. and Austin Avenue, formerly owned by Mike Dubina, was also robbed Saturday night."

November 11, 1919: "One more arrest was made in the local "Red" raid last evening about 6 o'clock, when local officers took into custody Julius Pawolowich, who is said to have been one of the most active in the Albion colony of Russians in spreading propaganda of the Russian Workmen's Union."

November 15, 1919: "The case of the people vs. Frank Bennett, colored, charged with having liquor in his billiard room on W. Porter St., was heard in Justice P. D. Wrights court this afternoon."

November 21, 1919: "The clothing store of Torrey & Blaisdell was closed for an hour yesterday afternoon during the funeral of Mrs. D. L. Torrey, mother of J. D. Torrey, which occurred at Manchester. Mr. Torrey was in Manchester to attend the services."

"George W. Stone of Battle Creek who has just been appointed a member of the board of control of the state soldiers' home in Grand Rapids, is a former resident of Albion and has been very prominent in state G.A.R. affairs. He enlisted in the Civil War from Albion."

November 24, 1919: "The township and city treasurers will begin collecting the dog tax the 1st of December. Dogs on which the tax has not been collected by January 25, will be killed."

November 29, 1919: "Albion and Marshall May Break Relations. In a lengthy article in the Marshall Chronicle of yesterday, a number of exaggerated statements were made with regard to the fighting that occurred after the Thursday game, and the attempt made to charge Albion entirely with the acts of rowdyism said to have been committed."

"Two weeks ago, Superintendent Donald Harrington brought charges against four Albion school children: Mitchell Kracko, Otto Griffith, William Stamper, and Alexandria Rock for delinquency, all being truants from school."


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