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Morning Star, May 31, 2020, pg. 3

Each year at this time we present the Albion High School class of 100 years. Ago. The Class of 1920 had 53 members, and at the time was the largest-sized class to graduate from Albion. Class president was Wilbur Diehl. Valedictorian was Ruth Doolittle, while the Salutatorian was Arthur Seybold. The class motto stated, "Energy Wins the Way." The class colors were blue and white. The Class gift to the school system was a stage curtain for use in the high school auditorium.

The 43rd Albion High School Commencement ceremony was held at the Methodist Episcopal Church on E. Erie St., on Thursday, June 10, 1920. Featured speaker was Dr. Frederick Spence, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Jackson. In his speech, Dr. Spence stated that "the world likes before them and that in the natural course of events, they will see many wonderful things come to pass. The malcontents who are crying that the world is going to the dogs are wrong." Following his speech, the diplomas were presented to the graduates by Superintendent Donald Harrington.

Members of the class consisted of: Luther Pahl, Glenn Anderson, Richard Groby, Wilbur Diehl, Jay Sheldon, Gardner Black, Maxwell Smith, Richard Mollica, Cleon Richtmeyer, Leonard Schultz, Thomas McClutcheon, William Plumb, Arthur Seybold, J. Henry Head, George Wolfe, Roland Richner, Wayne Stetler, Robert Burns, Howard Cessna, Mabel Ray, Florence Myers, Neta Miller, Dorothy Hicks, Arleen Allen, Jennie Gordon, Gwendolyn J. Dew, Marion Young, Leora Oliver, E. Elizabeth Young, Cecillo Sarmiento U., Mary Jacobs, Norma Sleight, Helen Lane, Frances Guy, Olga Arndt, Marion Fenno, Ruth Doolittle, Marian Garfield, Belle Barnes, Beth Lytle, Louise Morehouse, Ruth Cozine, Alice Davis, Elizabeth Blair, Ruth Ashe, Grace Embury, Raymond Hotchkiss, Kathryn Thompson, Robert Wochholz, Herbert Wochholz, Lila Wilson, Dorothy Baker, Max DuPark.

In looking through this list, there are some names I recognize. Max DuPark (1900-1973) was a prominent raiser of show dogs in addition to his regular jobs. Gardner Black (1900-1961) became the publisher of the newspaper the Sanilac Jeffersonian in Croswell. The most prominent and famous graduate of the Albion High School Class of 1920 of course, was Gwendolyn Dew (1903-1993), who went on to become a reporter, journalist and photographer who led an exciting life which we’ve written about many times in this column through the years. From our Historical Notebook this week we present the 1920 graduation photo of Gwendolyn Dew (1903-1993), the most famous person from that class. How many of our readers are related to anyone in the AHS Class of 1920?

1920 graduation photo of Gwendolyn Dew

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