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Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 2020

Morning Star, November 8, 2020, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." November 5, 1920. "Old Hostelry Is Being Made Over by Moose. The big task being undertaken by the Albion Moose Lodge that of transforming the former Commercial Hotel on W. Porter St. into a modern lodge building, is well under way and a great deal of the work has already been accomplished."

"The city sewer gang is doing some great digging on Adams St. just south of Lincoln. It has been necessary for the men to go down 13˝ feet in order to place the sewer pipe on the proper level for a good flowage. The sewer on that street runs into the Black Ditch system."

November 10, 1920: "Emmett McLaughlin is moving his soft drink place and lunchroom from the Putnam Block to the former Silver Moon location on N. Superior St. It is understood that J. L. Thomas has disposed of the Putnam block at the SE corner of Erie & Superior to colored people from Ypsilanti."

November 11, 1920. "Two young men clubbed George Fisher, grocer, over the head, evidently with the intention of robbing his place at the corner of Erie and Albion Sts. Saturday night about 11 o’clock, but made their getaway without stealing a thing, the theory of the officers being that they were scared away."

November 12, 1920. "Nathan Machiowich, E. Porter St. had a hearing this morning in Justice W. M. Watson’s court on a charge of furnishing liquor to a 14-year-old colored boy Caesar Goldsmith of this city." "People living near the junction of Perry and Hannah streets last night had an exciting experience, in that they captured a young man who is supposed to be the peeper who has been annoying residents of their neighborhood for some time by looking in windows."

November 16, 1920. "An absolute ban has been placed on dancing at Albion College. This morning in chapel exercises, President Dickie read a resolution passed by the faculty to the effect that hereafter any student known to have attended a dance would be immediately dismissed from College."

November 22, 1920. "Fire of undoubted incendiary origin damaged the grocery store and stock of the Martinoff Brothers on Albion St. to the extent of about $1,5000 early Sunday morning."

November 24, 1920. "Two Albion Men in Trouble for Stealing Apples. Two Albion men living in the vicinity of Austin Avenue and Albion St are in trouble today as the result of the theft of several bushels of apples from the granary on the farm of James Keck, seven miles northwest of the city."

"S. A. Bascom has sold the Albert Ott farm formerly the Youngs farm, two miles south of the city on the South Albion road, to George McKim, it was stated today."

November 26, 1920. "Albion Mine is Taken over by New Company. The B. S. K. Coal Mining Company which has been operating the coal mine on the Boyd property four miles north of the city for several years, has disposed of its interests in the project to a newly formed company called the Albion Coal Company, in which local people are heavily interested, it was announced today."

November 27, 1920. Headline: "Thieves Make Big Haul in Albion. Bullen Store is Robbed of Valuable Furs. Big Store Entered Friday Night and goods Valued at Well Over $1,000 are Taken. Officers Have no Clue as to Who Pulled Off Robbery." "A warrant was issued today in Justice Walter M. Watson’s court for the arrest of Stanley Demski, Austin Avenue, charging him with the theft of several bushels of apples from the farm of James Keck Tuesday night."

November 30, 1920. "Grandma Blakeley Dies in 103rd Year. Albion’s Oldest Citizen Passes Monday Night [November 29]. One of Michigan’s most remarkable women passed away at 9 o’clock last evening when Mrs. Juliet Calhoun Blakeley, Albion’s oldest resident and one of the most highly respected and widely known of Calhoun County’s pioneers, slipped peacefully away after a few weeks of illness due to the infirmities of her extreme age. November 13 of this year she was 102 years and 6 months old."


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